I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Thursday. I have a lot of thoughts about this film and I can’t tell you how much I loved it and how excited I was about this film.

Again, I will talk about all the spoilers so don’t read this if you haven’t watched the film (or are very self-destructive). Here is a spoiler-free review I really liked.

The Hype Awakened:

Fans everywhere. Over the last couple of weeks I noticed how many people love those films (and I, of course, relate). I have talked about them with colleagues and family members and friends and I saw advertisements and merchandise everywhere. I don’t think I have seen anything like this before. Of course, a lot of people love the Hobbit movies or The Hunger Games, but never that many people and not in all generations like this time. Me and my friends also noticed this in the cinema, there were people of very different ages. And from what I have heard so far everyone is satisfied with what J.J. Abrams brought to our cinema screens.


The plot:

I have to admit I was quite worried that the plot might be full of holes I am not able to fill or story lines I just bloody hate. Both are not the case, thankfully.

I only know about one thing that I’m not really happy about: what is so special about Finn so that he could break free from the First Order? It’s not really explained and he’s not a Jedi so… why could one Stormtrooper get a conscience but not all the others? Hm.

Oh, and I would have loved to know who that old guy they killed right in the beginning really was (played by Max von Sydow, but I don’t know his name). He could have been someone important or have a lot more of a story but he just didn’t.

In this case I really don’t think that the plot holes are ruining the movie and the experience watching it. That are just things I’m wondering about afterwards.

There’s no part of the film where it lacks in action or plot. It’s mostly a quite fast paced movie and when it’s not the scenes are so dramatic and full of feels that you don’t want it to go faster anyway. At least that’s what I felt like.

There are also a few really funny scenes and gags. Han Solo and Finn (and BB-8) make sure of that and I enjoyed that a lot.


Okay, I wanted to write a few sentences on many of the characters but this getting way too long so let me try to keep it short(-ish).

Rey is amazing. I loved her from the first second. She’s the kind of strong badass female character I’d love to see more. I was so annoyed when she didn’t want to pick up the lightsaber she is clearly destined to carry but in the end she did and she’s so powerful and I’m so looking forward to seeing more of that and also of her backstory, where she actually came from etc.

Finn is also great, he’s funny and brave and definitely very interesting. I’m excited to see what he’s up to in the upcoming films and I hope very much he’s okay and recovers. I also hope the relationship between Rey and Finn (which is very cute) doesn’t really turn into a romantic one.

I had a lot of feelings about Han and Leia while watching. I’m so sorry for them. They both deserve to be happy. Han is still badass and bullshits his way through everything, I’m glad he was travelling with Chewbacca because those two obviously belong together. Leia is also really badass and such a smart woman. I like that she’s the General and in charge and knows what to do. I hope she’s still able to do that now that she lost her husband.

I’m so sad that Han had to die. I definitely gasped and maybe cried a bit when Kylo Ren (his own son, dear god) killed him. I expected one of the Original Trilogy guys to die but I definitely didn’t want to see that so yeah, I was shocked. The scene was so full of feels and I was sure Kylo wouldn’t turn to the Light side but that was just… mean. You could really see the hope dying in Han’s eyes (oh great, now I made myself sad too).

Kylo Ren is definitely an interesting one. He surely has a lot of anger issues (the scene when the Stormtroopers just slowly walked away from him turning his room into mess was hilarious). In the end he’ll probably die just like Darth Vader did but I’m excited to see more of him and I want to know how his “relationship” to his mother and Rey and the others will be.

Overal look / effects:

Not as many lense flares as in Star Trek! Yes, that was one of the first things I noticed. J.J. definitely learned from his mistakes. There are so many epic shots of landscapes and space and space ships and space battles. This movie looked so pretty and I absolutely love a pretty movie. The CGI was very good, the roboters and aliens so much better than what we have seen in previous Star Wars films and the fights and space battles were way more believable than in the original trilogy.


Wow, just wow. I’m a sucker for amazing film sountracks and this one – by John Williams like all the other Star Wars scores – is just brilliant. I of course had to quietly sing along the intro which is so iconic and great as always. There are a lot of elements from the other films in the sountrack – obviously the right thing to do, it has to fit to the characters and groups of people that have been in the original trilogy – but there is also new stuff. Amazing new stuff. Rey’s Theme is by far my favourite part of the score.

Questions and what I’m looking forward to in the up-coming films:

Is Rey Luke Skywalker’s daughter? I do think so. I know there are people thinking she’s also Han’s and Leia’s child but I don’t really think so, it wouldn’t really make sense. But Rey is definitely related to the trio. But wouldn’t Luke or Rey have said something to each other in this case in the end when they were facing each other on this island? I’m not quite sure.

Will I ever get over Han Solo’s death? Probably not.

What happened to Ben Solo in the past that turned him to the Dark Side? I hope they explain this in full detail. I think it could be really interesting and I hope we see a bit about what the world looked like in the 30 years between Episodes VI and VII. I also really want to know where Snoke came from, if he’s really that huge, and what his powers are.

Will there be a love story? To be honest, probably. I actually hope there isn’t but they already hinted on it in this film so… at least they have to make it a good one.

Is Rey going to be an epic Jedi with huge powers and is she going to badass the shit out of everone? I bloody hope so!

The sad thing is only that we have to wait two full years until Episode VIII.

In short:

I absolutely loved this film. I know that I will find a few things I’m not happy with or that weren’t very good in the course of time and with re-watching it but right now I’m incredibly happy about it.

The Force Awakens looks great, has amazing characters, a great score, good actors, scenes that make you laugh, scenes that make you cry and a few huge plot twists (well, you could have expected them but I was definitely shocked). All of that is definitely satisfying me.

So tell me, have you already seen The Force Awakens? What do you think, did you like it, or not so much? I want to know everything!

See you soon ❤


4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review – Spoilers

  1. Great review! I too loved it but found similar issues…but thank heaven they brought the series back to where it needed to be after the abysmal prequels. Not quite perfect but great entertainment from start to end…and often, that is what cinema should be about. 😀

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