Week three, which actually wasn’t what you would call very eventful, but I liked it a lot. Our last week went by even quicker as the other two I think. We relaxed way more than in the first two and I think I really needed that. I definitely enjoyed it a lot.


Well, the weekend before my girlfriend and I had already planned to do nothing that day because we wanted to sleep a lot, relax and watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones which hit Netflix the Friday before. So we did exactly that. I think we watched seven episodes that Sunday and I absolutely loved it from the beginning. I think I need to write more about it when I find the time. Jessica is so badass and amazing and such a complex and interesting character and all the others are too. Also: ACTING!

Monday – Thursday

Of course we had to work again. My classmate and I finished this huge project where we updated almost 4000 profiles of customers that week and did a lot of small tasks. My mood wasn’t that great last week and I definitely cried a few times. I guess that was to expect after two weeks in a completely new environment with many things to worry about. But as I already told you before, I had someone to cuddle and comfort me. And let me tell you, we did that a lot and I enjoyed it immensely. We also finished Jessica Jones and watched some other stuff.

What else? Thursday was our last day of working. I could already leave at 12 because this absolutely lovely colleague convinced our supervisor it was the right thing to do. They all were incredibly nice when we said goodbye. The work experience was sometimes boring and of course we all wanted to work less but I still think it was worth it and I did learn something.

After leaving the hotel I went for lunch, crossed Hyde Park to buy my Imagine Dragons shirt at Hard Rock Café and waited for my girlfriend. We did some last shopping, I even bought some Christmas presents for friends.


On this last whole day we had “school” in the morning but as it turned out we actually just stayed in the school for 40 minutes or so to talk about our experiences and then went for traditional English breakfast with our teacher. It was way better than I expected! After that we just returned home to relax, cuddle, watch some stuff online and pack all our stuff eventually. It worked better than I thought and I got everything into my suitcases quite easily.


Sadly we had to get up quite early on this last day too. We had breakfast, packed and said goodbye to our really nice host mother. We met with the other girls and got driven to Heathrow, where to had to wait for like three hours because we had to be there so early for some point. The weather was so nice outside which I found slighly annoying because that of course couldn’t happen earlier for us to enjoy. When we arrived back home we got greated with rain and wind, yay.

But that was it then. I got home, hugged my Mum, unpacked and… that was it. Those three weeks were over, just like that.


See you soon ❤


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