Yes, I’m still alive! I actually wanted to write this blog post as well as the one for the second week while still in London but then I chose not too. It would have taken too much time and I just wanted to do other things or nothing.

I can’t quite believe how quickly the weeks went past. The time was flowing by so quickly. I have seen and done so much in those three weeks, it’s both amazing and scary. I’m not used to living like this and I know that I’m more of a quiet person who’s not leaving the house all the time, seeing new stuff, visiting places, talking to a lot of people.

These days I definitely noticed how much of an introvert I am. I was exhausted after work and I didn’t want to meet up with the other girls or definitely didn’t want to go out at night. But that was okay. In the end I think we had a good combination of seeing all the placed I was looking forward to but also just relaxing and doing nothing in the evenings.


I had to get up at 3.30 in the morning. 3.30. So I slept like three hours and was of course unbelievably awake and excited. Yay. When me and the other girls arrived in London we had to find our way to the bus that took us to the place where our host families picked us up. It was cold and windy and we all were so tired. When we got to our family I was mostly just happy to finally be there. We unpacked and took a nap. Or a longer nap. Hm. Anyway, not much happened that day.


We went to this English school but we didn’t really have normal lessons. Our teacher let us talk about what we want from this experience, what we expect and he showed us some grammar things and useful sentences. But that was ist basically. After that we went into the city itself (which took about an hour from our home there). We saw a few sights like the London Eye and Westminster and went shopping a bit I think.

Tuesday – Friday

Now the work experience began. I was quite scared of it before we went to London but I actually didn’t feels as nervous and anxious about it as I thought I would on the first day. I had my internship in a pretty huge and quite fancy hotel. I wasn’t alone but with another girl from my class which was really good. We did a lot of boring tasks for finance in the first days but it could have been worse and we got shown around a lot and met a lot of really nice people. I didn’t know what to expect from the work in London but it was really okay. I guess I was also really lucky with that hotel because we could leave earlier sometimes and generally had a really good time there. It was a bit hard for me to be around so many people all the time but in the first week I felt very okay with that.

On Thursday me and my friend went shopping after work but apart from that day we usually just drove home and relaxed which I was very happy with.


A long sightseeing day. First we went to Leicester Square to buy theatre tickets for Wicked. Then we visited Covent Garden which looked really pretty in all those Christmas decorations. The weather then turned to shit which really wasn’t nice but I guess we HAD to witness some real raining at some point, not just the drizzle we had most of the time. We went to some bookstores and King’s Cross and Baker Street, bought souveniers and merchandise and books and sat in a pret-a-manger for a long time because we wanted to get dry. After that we had like 2 hours left until the theatre started so we went to London Victoria Station, had dinner and took photos of Buckingham Palace.

Then it was time for Wicked. I wanted to see this musical for like two years and I finally did it. It was absolutely wonderful. The costumes are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The stage looked incredible. And the voices, oh my god the voices. Those actors are amazing. Especially the woman who played Elphaba but also ALL the others. I died like 3000 times. I also didn’t know the plot was so full of puns and stupid jokes and drama.


(I know the quality of many of my photos is not good, deal with it, lighting is weird at night and I’m okay with it.)

See you soon ❤


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