Please let’s all take a deep breath and remember that Mockingjay Part 2 will hit theatres this week but we definitely won’t die. No, we won’t. At least I want to believe that.

November 2014 seems so not long ago but also like a century away. So much happened in my life but I remember so many details, so much I absolutely loved about last year. I remember how I watched Mockingjay Part 1 with like 7 friends or something like that (or rather friends and friends of friends)? Everyone knows and loves it. Of course.

I remember us all gasping when Jennifer Lawrence sang The Hanging Tree. I remember the goosbumps on my arms, the tears in my eyes and my happiness. I also remember how we and only a few other people were standing in the almost empty cinema, the credits rolling, listening to Hanging Tree again. This moment was so precious and beautiful and since then this song hasn’t let me go.

So, I guess that’s the reason I love this soundtrack so much.

Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This time I won’t talk about it much because I didn’t really listen to any of the songs of the soundtrack a lot. Most of them are just not my kind of music.

I like Yellow Flicker Beat and I listened to it quite a bit but that’s about it I think. I like Lorde’s music but it’s not what I listen to all the time, her music isn’t really capturing me.

Here is the whole track list:

mjp1 tracklist

The Hanging Tree is such a beautiful song and I love it so much. I love how true it is to what Suzanne Collins wrote in the book. Jennifer isn’t a singer, she hasn’t trained for that, her voice is not perfect. And that’s just like Katniss. This song wasn’t supposed to be heard by everyone and that’s what it sounds like in the film version too. I love everything they did. I love how they started with Katniss singing at the lake, a scene straight from the book. I love how they used her singing as a propo, how the choir is starting to sing as well. The scene on the well with all those rebells, fighting, dying, defying, it’s so powerful. I had goosbumps for minutes and the scene left me with a big “WOW” on my mindfor like hours. I love those drums in the end, I love everything. I must have listened to the song so many times, I definitely know it by heart.

I don’t like the remixed version of the song but I love and hate that they made a version like this. Because that’s just how the Capitol would react. Remember how Plutarch Heavensbee changed “wear a necklace of rope / side by side with me” to “a necklace of hope”? That was just a really nice touch and very clever and actually pretty cool if you think of the rebellion and such but it was a change. And the media did that as well with the remix. One more example how The Hunger Games is so similar to our own society in many ways.

There’s also a really amazing fan version of The Hanging Tree, by Adrisaurus. I listened to it the years before the film came out and I still like it a lot.

Now re-watch the film if you want, or not, listen to a bit of music and get ready for the last film. I hope you all have fun (haha) watching it 🙂

See you soon ❤


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