A lot is going on these days and a lot is going on in November, let me tell you.

In the way too early morning of Sunday, 8th November, I will fly to London again! This time it’s not a vacation though (like in August), but an internship. I will stay in London for three weeks, coming back on the 28th. I’ll be living in a host family together with a friend who is in my school class and work in a company (a hotel right in the centre of London, yay). I hope all goes well and I can have a great time. I’m really looking forward to this whole experience but I’m also incredibly terrified of everything. I’m a very anxious person and I’m sure as hell anxious about the job there, the people I will be meeting and generally being independet in an area I’m not familiar with. Let’s see how that goes.

There’s another thing happening in November: the last Panem film will hit theatres, Mockingjay Part 2. As you might know or not, I absolutely love The Hunger Games. It’s a huge part of my life for now 4.5 years and my life would be so different without this trilogy and the things that happened because of it. To honour these books and how they changed my life I will write about it a lot. Maybe Panem-related stuff will be the only thing you will find on this blog this month, I have no idea.

(You might have noticed I already wrote about Panem a couple of days ago. For some reason I scheduled the last post for this week, not next week. Well, shit happens.)

I don’t know how much I’m able to write when I’m in London. I of course hope I have time to write because I love it and I always have something to write about but I don’t know yet. I hope you all are having a great time.

See you soon ❤


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