Crimson Peak – A Review

I went to see Crimson Peak with two friends this afternoon. I’m usually not a horror film kind of person (I KNOW Crimson Peak is a Gothic Romance, thank you Guillermo del Toro, but you know what I mean) but I really wanted to see this one because the trailer looked so pretty and interesting and Tom Hiddleston is amazing.

I also really like Mia Wasikowksa and Jessica Chastain, they are both so pretty.

(Spoilers, duh)

Edith (played by Mia) is pretty naive and sometimes kind of stupid (the person that wouldn’t survive a normal horror film I guess), but she’s definitely intelligent and a writer and badass and has a strong will to survive. I like her, even though she does all those cliche things that get you killed (falling in love with the mysterious guy, giving him and his sister all your money, running through the creepy house shouting “Hello” and not running away when you should).

Thomas and Lucile are really interesting. You don’t know until the end how fucked up they actually are. They are mysterious, dark and definitely super beautiful. Thomas is also really sweet though and he is a real gentleman. I really loved the dancing scene. All those super offended people gasping in the background plus two beautiful people dancing perfectly plus all those gorgeous dresses.

Yes, let’s talk about those costumes: they were absolutely stunning. I envied Edith for every single one of her dresses and capes and hats. They are beautiful, colourful, full of details and they are huge. I’d love to wear something like that at some point.

I’m too tired right now to write a lot about the plot but LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW BEAUTIFUL EVERYTHING IS. The actors, the costumes, the effects of everything. Those ghosts where absolutely creepy and ugly but SO well done, woah. I’m in awe. Generally I loved this crimson-red theme of everything. There was so much red and it made everything really creepy but it fitted perfectly.

Allerdale Hall (or something like that) is creepy and beautiful too. It’s huge and stands lonely surrounded only by wind and the crimson red earth. It reminds me of Hogwarts (thanks for that Juli) with it’s huge staircase and hall. Leaves and snow can fall into the hall and that looks somehow beautiful but it must be super cold in there all the time.

Lucile is absolutely crazy. Thomas too to a certain degree but his sister way more. I found it really interesting to find out WHAT they did and how huge this thing actually is, how many people already had to suffer from this.

In the end it wasn’t a fight between Thomas and Edith or between Thomas and Lucile but between those two women. Both wanted to survive but that wouldn’t work out with the other one living (kind of like Harry Potter). So Lucile tried to kill Edith from the beginning but Edith was smart enough to find out everything. It took her long to find out about the special relationship between the siblings (*cough*Game of Thrones*cough*) but then she had the courage and strengh to fight Lucile and she did.

I’m satisfied with the end even though it’s definitely sad that Thomas had to die. But I think Edith is better off without him.

Did you see the film? What did you think?

See you soon ❤


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