The Girl Who Died – Doctor Who – Review

Today aired a Doctor Who episode I really looked forward to. It contains vikings, Maisie Williams (Arya from Game of Thrones) as an adorable and badass girl and some new aliens.

I definitely was excited for Maisie. I love her in Game of Thrones and as a person and I love vikings to so what could go wrong? Well, I wasn’t entirely happy with the plot and everything but that’s okay. The Girl Who Died maybe wasn’t the best episode of this season so far but it was definitely not a bad one.

Also, this is again a two-parter and part two, The Woman Who Lived, will air next week so I probably have to wait until then to judge the plot properly.

First things first because I can’t stop thinking about this: They adressed the face-issue!!! As you know, Peter Capaldi already played in one episode of Doctor Who, Fires of Pompeji during the fourth season (I really like this episode, you should rewatch it if you don’t remember) and in Deep Breath, Capaldi’s first episode, he already said he remembers his face but not from where. Now, more than one season later, he did! With flashbacks to the Tenth Doctor and Donna and the Roman character he played back then!

And it has a meaning too, his face! He wants to remind himself that he CAN save people, which he did in Fires of Pompeji and in this episode, even though he maybe wasn’t supposed to.

Who died during that scene?


Yes, basically everyone.

I was a bit confused with the first few minutes of the episode. The Clara lost in space scene didn’t really have to do anything with the rest of the episode. Except that they needed the space suit Clara was wearing there later on. It was pretty though.

clara lost in space

I did enjoy the whole story with the vikings and those super weird looking aliens that want to kill them. Of course the vikings are so stubborn and want to stay to fight. I didn’t really like how quickly everything went. No one really mourned the dead and this whole preparation thing went very quickly and you couldn’t really concentrate on the characters.

Notable mention: The Doctor naming one of those vikings Heidi.

Then Ashildr died which I didn’t like at all. I really love her character! She’s cute and stubborn and badass and wants to fight for what she calls her home and her people. I’m glad the Doctor could save her and I’m very interested to see what will happen to her now. She is maybe immortal now. Really forever? Did the Doctor create another Captain Jack Harkness? Is that even possible? And who will take the second dose?

There are a few questions and I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode to see if they will be answered or not.

Here is the trailer for The Woman Who Lived. It definitely sounds exciting, also funny, and maybe a bit dark which I think is pretty cool. I’m excited to see what happened to Ashildr over the years and how/why she turned dark (as it seems).


Did you like the episode? What do you think will happen next week?

See you soon ❤


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