I know it’s not Monday. But I wanted to write about THIS and not anything else because this happened yesterday:

Tuesday, 13 October 2015, Olympiahalle Munich.

On stage: my favourite band ever
Next to me: my best friend and all the lovely girls I went to London with
Somewhere near the stage: two of my best friends who I again met later
Inside of my head: basically screaming

I know I have talked about Imagine Dragons a lot and today I’ll do it again. I love them so much, you have no idea.

Yesterday was my fourth concert in total and my second Imagine Dragons concert. I have seen them almost two years ago and it was about time I did it again.

I went with a group of friends and another group of friends that were on the bottom (we were on the side) and we met up afterwards.

The whole day I was incredibly jumpy and I couldn’t sit still for long. I knew what songs they had played in Oberhausen two days before and was very excited to see what songs they would play for us.

Well, let me tell you, I was unbelievably happy with their choice. I only wish they’d played Dream, which is probably my favourite Imagine Dragons song ever lyrics-wise but I’m not really sad, like that they saved me from crying during the concert, so maybe that was good. They are absolutely amazing live. The live versions of their songs are often way longer (like Radioactive) and partially just SO MUCH BETTER than the studio versions. I love all of their songs, yes, but Friction, Roots, The Fall and Polaroid are not songs I listen to very often but I’m definitely going to listen to some live versions of those songs because DAMN, it was amazing.

Imagine Dragons released a new song only two days ago. It’s called I Was Me and is dedicated to the millions of refugees fleeing from their homes right now. They played it in Mannheim on Monday for the first time ever and for us too yesterday. Dan said a bit about the part Germany has in this crisis and thanked the Germans for helping and being an example. I could have cried of happiness, seriously, I was so moved and happy they said all this and surprised that they sang this brand new song. I heard it for the first time ever because I can’t listen to it on iTunes so yeah, that was great.

I filmed the whole concert, I have a video of each song and of some of the talking too. I will try to upload as many as possible (depending on how much time I have, YouTube’s uploading time – which is my problem right now – and the quality of the videos) but you can already take a look on my channel as I am uploading right now.

My friends took some photos while I filmed:


It’s Time
I Was Me
I’m So Sorry
Second Chances
On Top Of The World
I Bet My Life
The Fall

I couldn’t possibly tell you what I loved best. The stage and the light show were so incredibly beautiful, it was so great to feel this energy and to see how happy all of the members of the band are. I felt so alive and happy and energetic during the concert and afterwards. I could see how much fun the band had and I can confirm that me and my friends felt the same.

During The Fall they let confetti leaves free, falling on the audience, and it looked so beautiful from above where I stood. My friends down below collected some of the leaves for me and that’s just so fitting to the song and the season we have right now and I loved it.

I love that they chose songs from Night Visions, Smoke + Mirros and others as well. The combination was really great and they included the best songs from both albums (except Dream, as I mentioned before).

I wish I could go again. Who knows when they’ll be back? Anyway, I had such a great time and hopefully the thousands of people who where in the arena with me too.

See you soon ❤


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