Is this a Fridiary?

I thought a lot about those blog posts of mine about my feelings/problems and I want to continue writing them. Some of my posts are meant to be read or are meant to have a message or something like that but I mostly write for myself. Because I love it. Those dairy like posts that are just my feelings are for myself. For me to understand what I’m feeling, what I’m scared of and what’s happening with me right now.

I want to write about my feelings and my problems for two reasons:

a) to get all the stuff off my mind and afterwards feel a bit better and relieved. I noticed that it sometimes really helps to just write and write and post it and then lean back, take a deep breath and just accept it. I also often cry while writing and seriously, nothing is better than having a good cry and cleansing your mind and soul like that.

b) I want to be able to look back at this and be able to say “look how far you’ve come, look how much better it all got”. I do believe in a silver lining and I of course want to reach it. So… yeah, hopefully it gets better.

I tend to write these posts on the weekend because obviously I have more time then. They probably won’t be super regularly or weekly or on the same day or something like that but they will happen, I can promise you that.

Deal with it.

(I mentioned Fridiary in the title because that’s what Grace Helbig calls her look-back-on-her-week videos)

I actually thought about getting a lot of thoughts out I had this week because, well, quite a bit happened but now I’m too tired. I guess I’ll go to bed with one of my many books and that’s it for today.

The week has been way too long and I’m so happy the weekend is finalyl there.

See you soon ❤ I hope you’ve had a nice and not too stressful week and you can relax now. Take care of yourself.


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