This won’t be too long because I’m still jumping up and down because this episode definitely exceeded my expectations.

Also, my nail polish is still trying to dry so I probably shouldn’t type at all.

Under The Lake is the third episode of season 9 and it’s another two parter, Before The Flood will be airing next week.

I have to admit I kind of forgot that this episode is a two parter so I was a bit more shocked at the end than I would be anyway.

I really like two parters with cliffhangers. I like that you can tell so much in those episodes and they are usually full of very interesting characters. I don’t like it if they are just full of death and drama and overreaction and this episode isn’t like that. This one I absolutely enjoyed.

I loved the ghosts. I like a bit of horror and being frightened but I don’t have to scream every two minutes. This episode was filled with action and running, yes, but it was also about thinking clever (the cleverness you understand as a viewer, not the ??? feeling I have during some other episodes). We had such great characters as well. I’m really bad at remembering names of persons I’ve not seen much so don’t ask me how they all are called but I so loved them and their relationships and I would love to know where they came from.

There is this amazing woman (the captain of the mining facility), Cass, who could only communicate in sign language! Representation matters, hell yes! The Doctor knew how clever she is too!

I really loved it to see an episode under water. This is not a thing we see very often and they did it really well. Of course someone drowned too. I’m so excited to see where the ghosts are actually coming from, what the deal is with them, how the Doctor and Clara are going to be reunited…


and then there’s this thing about the ghost that appeared right at the end…


I’m so satisfied with the plottwist and the end. This stuff gets me excited.

Here‘s the trailer for Before The Flood.

Did you like the episode? Are you excited for next week?

See you soon ❤


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