Yesterday I went to see Måns Zelmerlöw in the Freiheiz in Munich and it was absolutely amazing. I had such a great evening and I’m so glad I went there with a friend of mine. We waited for two hours in the cold wind but it was worth it because we stood in the first row, had an absolutely amazing view, Måns stood like 30 cm in front of us a few times and in the end he even touched both our hands.

As you might now, I’m a huge Eurovision fan, this year more than ever before so it was absolutely incredible to finally see this obsession become kind of real. I finally saw one of the people I have come to know and love in those years watching.

And Måns’ concerts are just perfect.

I just want to show you a few photos and the videos I uploaded (only four because this literally takes forever) and the line up of the songs because if you’re going to a concert as well you might want to know that 🙂 have fun.

Introduction & Someday

It started with the year of his birth appearing on the big screen, then changing to other years with other photos in the background, like when he auditioned at Idol Sverige in 2005 until 2015 appeared. The staging was more than I had ever expected but I was so happy it was so cool and colourful and beautiful and amazing. The lighting was great as well and the whole atmosphere was really lovely.

Brother Oh Brother

Stir It Up

Introduction & Live While We’re Alive

Should Have Gone Home


Hope and Glory

Miss America & Vival La Vida & Impossible

Children of the Sun

The Core of You

He dedicated this song to the kids in the schools he founded in Africa (I think in South Africa and Ethiopia). He talked about all those people running from war right now and how we have to and can do something. On the screen clips of children in Africa appeared as well as people helping and lightning candles and then “#refugeeswelcome”.

Hearts Collide

Shut Up and Dance & Human

Human is one of my favourite covers Måns has ever done and I so didn’t expect to hear it during this concert!

Und wenn ein Lied deine Lippen verlässt (feat. Ella)

Another thing I so did not expect. He said they prepared a local song for the different countries and for us he chose a Söhne Manheims song. I don’t like them but the song is okay and I was absolutely amazed how well he can sing German, without a noticably accent. Ella, the girl who was the supporting act before Måns came, came on stage again and sang it as a duet with him.

Cara Mia


Of course he only sang it after he had left the stage for a moment and it was all dramatic, they played the audio of the moment when he won and then he came back and sang and it was amazing, so so amazing. I still love this song so much. They even used the beautiful staging from Eurovision again!

He then touched the hands of all the people in the first row (so including my friend and me) and yes, we absolutely died.

Broken Parts

He basically sat in the crowd?! I mean, oh my god?

I know they might be crappy but frankly I don’t really care. Photos 3 and 4 by my lovely friend Sonja.

See you soon ❤


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