Icon For Hire // MondayMusicday

A friend with a really amazing music taste recommended the band Icon For Hire to me last week and on Thursday I finally listened to them. I got a little bit obsessed and have been listening to them all the time since.

I don’t like all of their songs and their style is not something I listen to every time but some of those songs I absolutely love. Their style of music is pretty diverse, some songs have kind-of-rap, many don’t, some are way calmer and slower than others. I think that’s really interesting.

Most of the songs below are from the band’s album Icon For Hire. I like it a lot more than the one before, called Scripted, even though that has been received more positive as far as I know.

Hope of Morning

This song is absolutely amazing. Just… listen to those words. I definitely relate to them, like, so much. But they are not really depressing, they are hopeful. And that’s important.

I will not be giving in tonight

she sings. No one should. No one.

Pop Culture

I LOVE the beat and generally the whole song. I could listen to it all day. In fact I’m listening to Hope of Morning and Pop Culture so much…

The lyrics are critical (which I love), I can sing along to it and dance with it and it’s just kind of perfect.

Cynics & Critics

This one is more rock-y than the two before. I don’t like it as much as the others too but I still listen to it a lot. I really like the chorus.

Oh, this is all we know
Oh, tragic and miserable

Hm, I really like that. I guess sometimes I feel like that describes me pretty well.

Now You Know

“What’s it like to be female in a male dominated industry?? #NowYouKnow” they wrote beneath the video.

I don’t like the song very much but I do like the lyrics. They talk about sexism and females in the music industry and how fucked up all this actually is.

Slow Down & Fix Me

Both of those songs are a lot calmer and slower than the others. They are more relaxed and I really love both.

The intro of Slow Down reminds me of something but I don’t know what. I like this beginning a lot.

Slow down
Just breathe

All we have is all we need

Something to remember. You don’t have to worry all the time.

Fix Me is just absolutely beautiful.

Why don’t you fix me
I can’t help myself.
Why don’t you fix me?
You know I’m fading still.

Another song I absolutely relate to. I don’t know who I want to fix me though.

Do you know this band? And the songs?

See you soon ❤


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