It’s WhoDay!


Today the 9th season of Doctor Who has started with the episode The Magician’s Apprentice. I thought I could recap this episode quickly and tell you my thoughts.

I’m not sure how good this episode was as a season opener because of how “epic” it was and the cliffhanger and dying is more a season finale thing.

The time flew and suddenly I looked at the clock and only 10 minutes were left. I like fast paced episodes but I don’t like it if I have totally no idea what is going on. In this episode it was okay until the end. That was a bit too confusing for my taste.

Missy pulled a Sherlock. I still like her and her humour but I think she should be nicer to the Doctor and Clara.


I was a bit surprised to see how big her role already is in the beginning of the season. I’m very interested to see how much she will show up and what will happen with her in the end. Will she die? Regenerate? Stay for another season?

I knew that boy would be someone very special but Davros? Wow, that’s a big deal.

I have to admit that I love those hand-monsters boy!Davros was trapped in. They are incredibly interesting and I definitely want to see more of those. Where are they coming from, are they part of the nature there? How many of them are there? I hope they show up again.

We saw Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor) and heard David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)! How exciting is that? I almost screamed during that scene! It was of course just an easter egg but an amazing one and I love those. I so wish there would be some kind of tie-in with Journey’s End (because this story is one of my favourites and it includes Davros) or something Classic Who related, I don’t care.

How can Clara be a good teacher when she’s always on adventures though? But she said she kissed Jane Austen! So that means Clara is bi? Pretty pretty please!

For me the whole ending was a bit too much drama. Clara and Missy are surely not dead and so is the Tardis. So why all the fuss? And where did they go? I would argue you could have made a less weird plot and a less cliffhanger-y ending. I also didn’t really enjoy this “the Doctor’s last day”-thing. I mean, he clearly didn’t die? Why all the drama? AGAIN. I think that’s THE thing about Moffat’s writing I have a problem with. His love of drama and exaggeration that I find rather unnecessary.

I loved rockstar!Twelve and his jokes. Peter Capaldi is definitely not looking bad in sunglasses.

I plan on writing a short review of all the Doctor Who Season 9 episodes I’m watching live. Not next week that is but let’s see what’s happening afterwards.

Tell me what you thought, please 🙂

See you soon ❤


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