Becoming the Dancing Queen

I’m not a good dancer and I know that but I wish I was and becoming a dancing queen is actually the only thing great about a 17th birthday. I mean, nothing changed! I still can’t drive, I still can’t do pretty much anything without the signature of my parents and I still can’t stay out longer (as if that’s concerning me…).

Oh yes, I turned 17 yesterday. Wuhu, I’m a year older. I don’t feel older or anything because, as I said, nothing really changed.

Anyway, I had a great time yesterday. I felt really anxious in the few hours between work and my birthday “party” (It wasn’t really a party, I just wanted my friends to come over and talk) but apart from that everything was okay. Some of my friends came for the first time ever/saw my other friends for the first time and I was a bit scared they wouldn’t enjoy it but I think they did. I was so happy those four girls that I haven’t known as long as the others could come.

One of those friends is from my beloved Hunger Games Forum. She slep at my house and we talked a lot and I was so glad to see her again. I wish I could see my Forum friends more often and I so wish the others wouldn’t live so far away and could also visit me… but no, that’s just not possible 😦

Well, I got some absolutely cute and/or funny and/or super amazing presents and I wish I could show you all of them!

Well, actually, I could. Hm. Maybe I will.

I’m really emotional right now and I miss all of my friends for some reason and I wish I could just bury myself in my presents and a blanket and sleep a bit more because I’m always tired recently.

See you soon ❤


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