Successfull Converstaion

I had a big meeting at work this week. All the apprentices/trainees from my company came together, from three different plants, all two hours away from each other. Many of us didn’t know each other or only some because a lot started only last week and some just never met. We were around 34 people in total.

I was a bit scared of the whole thing in the beginning. I knew that there would be many people I’ve never talked to, many I would like to talk to and some I was convinced didn’t like me.

It all begann with dinner on Tuesday. We came together in my plant’s cantine after the apprentices from the other plants had arrived and checked into their hotel. I was super scared to walk over and start talking but then I didn’t have to walk into the room alone and I found a place to sit near someone I really like and it was actually really nice. On this evening I notices how much better I got with talking to people. I’m still very introverted and socially anxious but when I’m finally IN a situation the worries usually go away and I’m able to talk freely. During those few hours on Tuesday I talked to so many different people, some I never talked to before, some I never talked to about a certain topic and it all went well. I felt good.

And it didn’t stop there. On Wednesday we all came together for breakfast and had games and courses afterwards. First I was a bit afraid of those get-to-know-you games but they were surprisingly interesting. I learnt a lot about the people I’m working with/will be working with. We had some great courses and lectures that day, a talk with my company’s first female CEO (She’s amazing. Kind of the person I’d like to be.), some data protection stuff (way more interesting than we all thought it would be) and more. We then drove to Munich to make a scavenger hunt in teams of 5 or 6 people. It was really fun and I got along really well with one of our new apprentices (who’s quite adorable). We drew amazing pictures of the old and new town hall. Because of those drawings we won the thing, yay! We had dinner in this pretty cool restaurant, I ate way more than I was hungry for and I talked to not only the trainees but also the trainers and felt more extroverted than ever. I was super exhausted though and so happy when I was finally home. I wish I could have talked to more than just five people in this restaurant but because we were the last group to arrive we had to sit a bit seperated from the others 😦

Thursday was amazign. Okay, we had this Intellecutal Property lesson by a colleague who is so not skilled in presenting anything but I could sleep a bit longer! During lunch I talked about Harry Potter and fandoms and TV shows and speaking/learning/writing/loving English the whole time. I talked to one of the IT apprentices who I really like (I might have a tiny crush but only a really tiny one) and some others I didn’t even knew liked this stuff as well. One of the apprentices also went to London this summer! Then I kind of messed around with one of the new trainees who is a bit younger than I am but seems to be way more younger. Or I seem to be older. Whatever. It felt very liberating to just talk and talk and be happy and have a great conversation for an hour. I don’t often have the chance to talk to those people at work (sadly) and I don’t often have the chance to feel really open and satisfied at work. On Thursday I felt like that and I wish this lunch time could have continued. But we had some more courses (better than the IP one), a team building exercise (both teams won! perfect) and a long feedback round.

For me this whole Big Meeting was a full success. I could talk to so many people for such a long time and I really felt like I belong for once. I wish I could have those moments more often.

Those two and a half days showed me that I CAN manage it. I CAN talk to people, I CAN feel like I fit in and belong. I don’t have to be anxious all the time because sometimes it will just work out perfectly.

No worries next time please.

See you soon ❀


2 thoughts on “Successfull Converstaion

  1. I am really happy for you! Winning more self esteem is a hard and long process, i know by myself but it is also a very interesting period that nearly everyone goes through. The most important thing to remember is, that you have to appreciate those situations that go well and never let yourself down when it seems that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. A bit dramatically but true πŸ˜‰

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