Welcome to Germany!

That’s what thousands of people have heard today and that’s what thousands of people will hear tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month.

They are coming to us from far away – Syria mostly, but also other African states.

They are coming to us because they have nowhere else to go.

They have to flee from their home, where they were born and lived for long.

They have to take refuge so far away from the place they used to love.

And we have to welcome them with open arms.

Because that’s human. That’s social. That’s helping people who could not have it worse. We have to take care of them, heal their wounds, physical and mental. We have to help them adapt in a country they know nothing of except that here they can have a future. In their old homes they only have death.

Do you even realize what they’ve gone through? Maybe you do, maybe not. If you don’t, google a bit.

It’s not only Germany though. It’s Austria, it’s Hungary, it’s the UK, it’s Sweden, it’s Greece, it’s Turkey. So many countries have taken refugees, so many have taken enough, and so many don’t want to take any more.

I’m looking at you Hungary and your president, Orbán. Also looking at UK and your David Cameron, but at least he agreed to take more refugees yesterday.

I want to talk about this. I want to talk about this topic so badly but I have no idea where to start. I want to get you all thinking. I want you to help if it’s possible/needed. I want to help myself but I have noticed that there are no more volunteers needed in my area. So I can at least spread the word online as best as I can.

I want you to listen. Closely.

Don’t be racist. Just don’t. You won’t help anyone with that. You will just make people like me angry and I will punch you in the face if I have the possibility. Those people can’t do anything about their situation and no one should keep them from coming to another country if they have to. We need more people in Germany anyway, so it’s even good for us! (I don’t know about the other countries but I guess in the rest of the middle Europe it’s not so different)

There’s nothing else we could do with them than welcome them here and help. Or do you want to send them back over the Mediterranean Sea in a nutshell to die? Either the sea or the war back home will kill them anyway.

Help if you can and if not spread the word. The happy word, not the “oh god, we can’t have them here, they are too many, they are destroying our culture, our beliefs, our religion”-word.

All those thousands of refugees are welcome here if we let them in.

So let’s go and do that. And if we have shitty politicians we can at least try to convince them to open our borders, to be nicer. It worked with Cameron, it will work with others too. I’m convinced of that.

See you soon ❤


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