Value in my job

Today it’s exactly one year since I started working. I’m now officially in year two of my apprenticeship/training. Wow.

Thinking back the year has gone by so unbelievably quickly even though I thought some months would never pass by. So much happened, I learned a lot, I experienced a lot, I had a lot of bad moments, a lot of great ones and I wanted to talk a bit about that.

In short:

My apprenticeship is mainly business related. So, I’m working in this pretty big company, 10000 employees worldwide, 1300 of them in Germany. I’m in various departments during my time there, usually for 1 to 3 months each. So far I have been in Accounting, Inside Sales, Purchasing and for a short time in Distribution and HR. Other departments I will go through are Human Resources, Export and Marketing.

In those deparments I learn all the basic processes that have to be done, I see what is happening there every day, what’s only coming up a few times and what those tasks mean to the whole company. I work on my own if possible but also look over the shoulders of my colleagues and see what they’re doing.

About a week ago I watched this video called “Assert Your Value” by the amazing Rosianna Halse Rojas.

A lot of the things she talks about really made me thinking and I thought a lot about how I feel about work and what I want or should change.

What do I want to get out of the job?

Well, good question. For me, throughout the last year, my answer would have been kind of vague. But I want to be a bit more focused and I want to have a goal. Work doesn’t satisfy me at the moment. Not at all. I’m not quite sure why, but I know I’m pretty unhappy. I don’t like some of the colleagues (of course, that happens), I’m scared I’m not good enough, I find some of the tasks I have to do/learn/understand incredibly boring or I don’t feel really challenged. Not all the time of course but … too much I guess.

I know I can learn a lot but I’m often feeling like it’s not the right thing for me. I know I learn a lot about people and working with different people, on different tasks, how working actually WORKS etc but how much CONTENT am I learning? Is it useful to me? If not, how can I learn more useful stuff?

Overdelivering, making the most out of it

Well, to do more is always better than to do less. I have to learn that. I know I’m lazy and I know I’m always anxious about asking people, even if it’s to ask if they have something they can show me or give me to do but I know I have the opportunity to learn more if I ASK for it. That’s a big problem for me but I have been reminded of that again last week and I’m definitely going to think a bit more about this. I want to ask if I could maybe be in a different plant for a few weeks or if I can have some meetings with more of my colleagues so that they can show me more. I don’t know yet how much I could do, how much I’m WILLING to do and to ask for, but I have to keep that in mind. I want to learn stuff. Stuff I enjoy and might find useful in the future.


Right now this is not sooo important for my work, more for my life in general or for future deparments (I’m in a part of Accounting right now). To do lists are incredibly useful. I’m actually not such a big fan of lists because I don’t often keep up with them and then I feel incredibly guilty. But for work it does help. I did this during my time in Purchasing a lot and it helped me quite a bit. I know I should do it in my free time with other stuff too but… well…

Take opportunities

That’s what I mentionned earlier. As Rosianna says, take part in a meeting, a call, a project, whatever it is if you get the chance. This is quite hard for me because I sometimes just don’t SEE opportunities where they are or because I’m to scared to say “yes” but I want to remember this and try more.


Woah, this is SO important for me. I HATE phoning people. Like, SO much. Not friends, not at all, but when I’m at work or generally phoning strangers… I mean, Jesus, I’ve been avoiding calling two important phone numbers (not work related) for over a month now! I’m feeling very insecure on the phone and I often feel like I’m just generally not good at talking to strangers over the phone but I absolutely know I should learn that. Sadly (well, thankfully for me) mails exist and I usually just write one of those.


Listen to the smart people around you. I listen a lot during my apprenticeship and try to understand what it’s about. I’m not really bad at it but sometimes I think I could take more out of those conversations or explanations I’m listening to if I’d pay more attention or something like that. And I have to ask more questions. I don’t know why, but I really notice that other people ask way more than I do at work. I just take the information I get in and I’m often too anxious to ask again and again what this or that means even though I maybe should.

The last thing Rosianna says is pretty amazing and I want to remember that:

Value your job. Value yourself and your skills because you are valuable.

I think I’m not really valueing my job but I should do that more. I’m also not so good at valueing my skills but that would make things easier for me too I guess.

Sigh, this is so much advice for me, so much I should think of and DO but that’s hard, you know? At least for me it feels pretty hard.

Do you have some more advice? If not, do you think this helps?

See you soon ❤


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