One year ago today

… I travelled three and a half hours to Stuttgart

… I finally got to meet people I knew over the internet for years

… I spent an extraordinary amazing day

… I spent quite a lot of money for just a few hours but every. fucking. cent. was worth it

… I got a few amazing hugs, said “I love you”, felt at home

… I had the last weekend before I started working. This day in Stuttgart kind of marked the end of such a big thing (school, I had graduated in July) and I knew a lot would change in the near future (and it did)

… I truly realized how much all those people I met through my book forum mean to me

… we three created a book for our “online” friends to write in, I already carried it quite a bit through Germany

… we saw Guardians of the Galaxy, which is an epic and amazing and funny film on itself but it has become such a big and important thing for me/us and I will probably love GOTG to my death and beyond

… we started saying WE ARE GROOT as an I LOVE YOU that’s easier to say and we are still doing that to this day

… we had such a great time, spend some beautiful hours together, gave each other presents (I love mine so much!)

… we cried. I’m sure we all did.

See you soon ❤


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