I read this book in the last two or three days and I absolutely loved it. It deserves its own blogpost (I’m pretty sure there will be more than just one coming up) so here we go.
This Book Is GayThis Book Is Gay by James Dawson
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I so loved to read this book. When I saw it in a bookshop in London I knew this is something I’m interested in, something I could possibly connect with. And I did.
This Book Is Gay is a guide to ALL THINGS LGBT*. It includes so many things that are important to me: different sexualities like asexuality; feminism; sexism; arguments on why religion has nothing to do if gay couples should get married or not; representation of LGBT* in the media and more.
This book tells you how to talk to your parents, how to argue about your points and it educates you. It made me feel a bit more like a part of this community and I appreciate that a lot.
Of course the book isn’t perfect, you could argue that here and there James Dawson could have chosen a different sentence or whatever, but that’s rarely the case. The said he’s not an expert in everything and he’s not trying to tell other people about the things he can’t possible understand. He started a survey before writing this book and it’s very interesting to read the opinions of so many people, to get a glimpse in their life and to see how different they are, how they deal with being LGBT*, what problems they have encountered but also what great things they had in their lives.
This is a book you can smack into every homophobe’s (or transphobe’s) face. It will not only hurt but then they can open it and READ and maybe stop trying to be assholes.
I can recommend this to literally everyone. You don’t have to be L, G, B, T or *. You just have to be interested. And everyone should be, I guess.

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I don’t want to spoiler you but I want to tell you about some of the bits in there I’m thinking about.

Lesson One:

  • Sometimes men fancy men.
  • Sometimes women fancy women.
  • Sometimes women fancy men and women.
  • Sometimes men fancy women and men.
  • Sometimes people don’t fancy anyone.
  • Sometimes a man might want to be a woman.
  • Sometimes a woman might want to be a man.

Got that? It really is that simple.

I love this part because it’s exactly what I would love everyone to think. It’s not difficult, it’s nothing to argue about. It’s just there and it’s OKAY.

James Dawson doesn’t only talk in a funny way. He’s also very serious. He talks about homophobia and transphobia, he tells us in a radical way how those things KILL PEOPLE. He talks about how LGBT* people often hate themselves. The rate of mental illnesses is so unbelievably high in this community.

Earlier, I said it wasn’t all Kylie and canapés, and I wasn’t kidding. Homophobia kills. The following statistics are REAL and are why we all have to stand up against hate.

  • One in six LGB people in the UK has experienced a hate crime or incident in the past three years.

  • Young LGB people who are bullied are at a higher risk of suicide, self-harm and depression. Forty-one per cent have attempted or thought about taking their own life directly because of bullying, and the same number say that they deliberately self-harm directly because of bullying.

  • Forty-nine per cent of lesbian and bisexual girls report symptoms consistent with depression, compared with twenty-nine per cent of gay and bisexual boys.

  • One in seven gay and bisexual men (thirteen per cent) report moderate to severe depression, compared with seven per cent for the general population.

  • Seventy-nine per cent of lesbian and bisexual women report a spell of sadness, misery or depression within the past year.

  • Within the past year, one in fourteen gay or bi men has harmed hinself on purpose. This rises to one in five for gay or bi women.

  • Young LGBT people are 190 per cent more likely to misuse drugs and alcohol compared to straight youths.


Think about this, please do. I don’t care if you’re involved with LGBT* causes or not, if you know LGBT* people or not, think and if you have the chance: help.

I AM LGBT* and I belong to those groups up there. Not BECAUSE of being LGBT* but still. And I know that there are people out there who feel the same, who feel worse. I might even know some of them.

I want to change those statistics. There are so many causes for depression and other mental illnesses and I want  to change that being LGBT* is often one of them.

I really wish to do something but I don’t know what yet. Right now I’m educating people as much as I can. Through this blog, through my social media, through talking a lot to people.

Tell me if you have any ideas because I’m trying to find something that fits to me. A way to help people who can’t take being LGBT* as light-minded as I do.

See you soon ❤


6 thoughts on “This Book is Gay by James Dawson // A Review and Thoughts

  1. And sometimes a women fancies both men and women but doesn’t give a shit about anything sexual or romantic and just finds them ace-thetically pleasing. See what I did there?

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