I thought I could do another album review because I feel I should talk about something happy, something I really like, in those Monday posts again. So, here we go.

Out of the Blue is a British university acapella group. They have a YouTube channel, a website and you can get their albums from bandcamp (hint: it’s worth buying). Their wikipedia page, especially the discography, is also very detailed.

I’ve been following them for almost a year now and I bougth the two albums before this one too. Those two (Soul Sisters and Blueprints) were absolutely incredible and I’ve listened to both countless times.

Is this album good? Why?

Oh yes it is. All of my favourite songs are on it (except those that have been on the previous albums). They definitely show what they can do. I’m really glad that many of the boys (if not all) had the chance to sing solo. I’ve always been amazed by a capella and what people can do with their voices and this album is another example for that, in both the solos and the vocal percussionists.

What are the best songs?

This is incredibly hard to choose because I love so many songs and I’m really bad at choosing just a few to talk about (all links here are to live performances of the songs on YouTube).

ABBA Medley

I’m kind of an ABBA fan, not a very big one, but I love to sing along to their songs. This is probably because they’ve won Eurovision and because of OOTB. I really like this cover because it’s a funny song, one I always enjoy listening to. I love seeing Ollie and Johan (the solists) singing together, they have this great energy and you can see how much fun they have. Also, I’m gonna be a Dancing Queen myself in less than four weeks which is pretty cool.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Huw’s voice is just beautiful in this song. It’s one of those calm songs I always hum along and try to sing if I dare to. It hasn’t been one of my favourites for long so I don’t really have much to say about it but I so love it.

Colder Weather

Okay, first of all, that’s the song where the album title is from! You can hear it around 0:45 or so for the first time? It’s a calm song and all of their voices are so great and they fit so great togehter and I also love the message a lot. “Maybe tomorrow will be better”, that’s something I should tell myself every day.

I Have Nothing

Jack Remmington has always been my favourite OOTB member, mostly because I started loving OOTB after I fell in love with his voice. He just sings like an angel, don’t you agree? This one is just so incredible and I could listen to it all day. And I kind of feel the lyrics a lot but this is not that kind of blogpost. Dammit, this one is just PERFECT.

What are the songs stuck in your head?

Uptown Funk

I love Uptwon Funk. I always have and after I got some amazing memories attached to it even more. So I kind of freaked out when OOTB covered it. I really like this cover, even though it’s not one of my real favourites, and after listening to it I can’t get it out of my head for hours.

Haven’t Met You Yet

It’s actually quite similar for this song. I really love Charlie Hicks’ voice (the solist) and I like this song very much. Maybe I would count it to my favourites but I have the feeling here it fits a bit better. But Charlie does a great job and so do the others.

Goodbye Mr A

The solist, Ollie Nicholls, is one of my favourite OOTB members and I really love his voice. All his songs make me really happy and want to dance around and this one is not different.

Livin’ La Vida Loca

I like the live version a lot more than the studio version I think but anyway. I don’t know why but I can NEVER forget this song. When I heared it for the first time I sang it for like three whole days for some reason. I just really want to dance right now.

Also, look at this great booklet:

I love that it includes information about each member, about all the songs and who the solists are, about all their concerts and tours and so on. It feels personal and I love that.

There ARE more songs I love but then I could have talked about every single one (probably) and I really didn’t want to do that. So yeah, I hope this gave you a little insight.

See you soon ❤


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