I talked about the books I bought during my vacation but surprisingly there was also other stuff. Who would have thought?

It’s mostly somehow related to fandom which is definitely not surprising. There’s a lot of clothing and I took photos of most of it (I think) so let’s go.


On Oxford Street. I also bought a very cute black bra with white dots and a kind of fitting panty by the way ^^

Other clothes

I also bought a white shirt like the “Once Upon A Time” one in Camden with “Hogwarts Alumni” written on it but it’s being washed right now.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Of course I didn’t BUY the bag but it’s really cute so I kept it.

Places I visited

Merchandise and the other stuff

The two wallpapers are a map of Westeros and a beautiful Harry Potter one with the burning Hogwarts on it.

We ate those cookies every day. Not only the chocolate ones but we definitely loved those.

A lot of the badges are already on one of my bags. I plan to put A LOT on it because why not.

See you soon ❀


4 thoughts on “The stuff I bought in London

  1. OH cool! Well, I have to admit that I’ve been wearing it for sleeping quite a lot lately ^^ I just can’t put it away because I love it so much πŸ™‚


  2. I have to admit, I totally love underwear from Primark.
    Also, everything you bought is amazing, but that’s not suprising, tbh.


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