How to get to your airport, again a lot of books, the tourist-stuff and illegal actions in front of Buckingham Palace.

Day 7: Being very early, very naughty and very emotional

Three of us, me of course included because I wanted to see as much as I could, went to the Tower of London. It was quite interesting. War and prisons and weapons are really not my cup of tea but I definitely missed going to museums so I was happy with it. And we could take some photos of the Tower Bridge and the Tower itself. We turned up there before it even opened and that was so good because there weren’t many people and we actually ran to get in the queue for the Crown Jewels in front of a big Italian travel group. The Crown Jewels are really pretty and I saw so much gold and so many jewels on this day, wow. The whole time I thought of Sherlock and Doctor Who though, which was kind of distracting. Anyway, after we had taken a few photos of the bridge we went to Buckingham Palace to meet the other two girls. Buckingham Palace was incredibly beautiful. I took A LOT of photos, some selfies too and we had someone take photos of all of us. We somehow had the idea to stick our faces through the fence and take photos of that. The photos turned out pretty cool and we could say we did something illegal because I’m sure you’re not supposed to do that. We sat on the Queen Victoria memorial for a while and ate and took photos with a cute boy who “wanted to have a photo with some pretty ladies”. Afterwards we went to St. James Park next to the palace, lay down on the grass, listened to the same music and made a total fool of ourselves because it started raining a bit and we put our three umbrellas over us five while still laying down and… yeah, it was a mess but incredibly funny. In the evening we went to see the musical War Horse which was INCREDIBLE. It was my first musical and I so loved it, the production was great and the puppets they used for the horses… wow!

Day 8: Covent Garden and again books

I don’t have many photos of this day (of the evening I do!) because we went to some places again and there wasn’t much to take photos of. After breakfast we packed quite a lot of our stuff, that took a lot of time. Then we went to Covent Garden which we had seen last night when we went to the theatre. We searched for Forbidden Planet for quite a while but when we finally found it it was so awesome. I bought a TARDIS umbrella and a book (another one, I know) and a Doctor Who mug of an exploding TARDIS and we all had great fun in there. After that we walked around for a bit, sat down and ate and when to the Hard Rock Cafe Store because one of my friends wanted to buy a shirt. We went back to Charing Cross Street and Oxford Street after that and bought some books at Foyles and Waterstones, again. I really love both of those shops but more on them in a seperate post. In the evening we went to the London Eye! It rained at first but that made some of the photos just more pretty and we could see the sunset over London which was very lovely.

Day 9: Buying the last books, traveling and waiting

We had a last big breakfast, packed all of our stuff – which turned out to be a bit of a challenge because we bought in total 56 books and had to fit like 35 of them in one of our suitcases and we had other stuff as well (like 10 posters and 5 mugs) – and checked out of the hostel. We then went AGAIN to Waterstones and Foyles to spend our last money. We relaxed a bit, had some lunch, played a game and then went on the way to Luton Airport. I felt quite stressed because the train took FOREVER and I was very afraid we would arrive very late at the airport and would have to stress so I stressed the others as well… but in the end it was fine because we navigated through the airport pretty easily and when we went through all the safety checks and only had to wait we saw… our flight was one hour delayed. Awesome. So we bought something to eat and read quite a lot. The flight back was even more relaxed than the flight to London. It all went great and I had time to read a lot, listened to some music together with my friends and took photos of the really pretty sunset. It was quite a shock when we stepped out of the plane because it was literally 15 degrees warmer in Germany than in London. I barely unpacked my stuff that night (which I normally do very quickly) and just went straight to bed, I was so exhausted.

That’s it for the day-by-day posts. But you’ll definitely hear way more of what I did in London or rather: what I bought 🙂

See you soon ❤


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