How to get to Oxford, books, book and oh books. Also featuring: gay bookshops, gay books and lots of photos.

Day 4: Shopping, all the bookshops and a surprise

We could walk from our hostel to Oxford Street which was very convenient. If you don’t know, Oxford Street is THE shopping street in London and you find a lot there. First we went to Waterstones and everyone bought like three books. I had already bought Quidditch Through The Ages the day before so I thought, oh god, why even more books but at that point I didn’t even know with how many books I would end up in the end (more about my books in a seperate post, there are too many). We then went to Primark and bought way too many Harry Potter clothes. I love all of them though. We then went into another bookshop, Foyles in Charing Cross Street, where we only went because one of my friend’s grandmother worked there many years ago. FOYLES IS EVEN BETTER THAN WATERSTONES. Seriously, they have a LGBTQA YA shelf! I bought a lot of books there – we went there three times to be honest. After that we just wanted to sit down somewhere so we went to Soho Square and had a little picknick. We went to the Disney Store and to HMV where you can buy posters and CDs and T-Shirts and DVDs (we did that). When we reached Marble Arch we took the tube to Russel Square Station and went into Skoob, a second hand bookshop that is ADORABLE. There are 50 year old books and new books, poetry and young adult and fiction and a piano. We then went to another second hand bookshop which wasn’t nearly as good and then by chance walked past Gay’s the Word. Not only is the name amazing, this shop is the original bookshop where all the stuff from the film Pride happened. As you may know, I adore this film. We went in, died, had LGBT* feels, bought books and postcards and talked to the really nice guy who even wore the same rainbow coloured bracelet I bought at Christopher Street Day. Needless to say that this was the highlight of the day. After nine hours of shopping we finally made hour way home and fell dead into our beds.

Day 5: Oxford

For a long time we didn’t know how to get to Oxford (cheap). Because we forgot to ask on Friday we just went to one of the people who work at “our” tube station and asked. I really noticed how friendly all the public service people in the UK are (compared to Germany). Taking his advice we went to Marble Arch and took the Oxford Tube. It wasn’t expensive (14 Pound return for someone under 26). The ride was quite long but at least we could see a lot of England! Oxford was incredibly pretty. I of course saw lots of photos but literally EVERY house is old and cute and just really pretty. We saw a lot of churches and colleges. We walked along the High Street and to the Covered Market which was also very pretty and had lots of interesting shops (cakes, dresses, postcards). We then walked in general direction of the Ashmoleon where we stopped to sit down a little and eat. We then searched Alice’s Shop (and bought Harry Potter tops on the way) which was SO CUTE. Teas and books and cups and candy canes and so many little things that were really adorable! Four of us five bought Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because none of us had the original at home and definitely not in English. We then went to Christ Church Meadow, sat down in the beautiful sun and read the book we bought just a few minutes before. It was so relaxing and felt incredibly nerdy. We read a very famous 150 year old book in a very old town in front of the college where they shot Hogwards for the Harry Potter films. So lovely. We ate at Pizza Hut and took the bus home. This day was incredibly nice and uncomplicated.

Day 6: Camden & Hyde Park

First we went to King’s Cross to see platform 9 3/4 or whatever they put there for tourists. Well, the train station is really beautiful but there’s no opportunity to take a photo of the real platforms 9 and 10 and what’s in between them. There’s an opportunity to take photos next to the platforms as you can see on the photo. We didn’t want to wait forever in the queue and we already took some cool photos during the Harry Potter Studios tour. We went back to the tube station and went to Camden. There’s this big market in Camden, where the old horse market used to be and in other halls and on the streets too and it’s just soooo big. We spend there at least three hours and it was adorable and beautiful and big and so interesting. If we had the money (or space in our suitcases) we would have bought sooooo much. But we restrained ourselves. I’m so glad we went there! I bought three necklaces, a shirt and other small stuff. After that we were tired and exhausted and hungry so we took the tube to Marble Arch, went into Hyde Park and relaxed a bit. The Italian Gardens are quite beautiful and the weather was nice too so we lay down under a tree and talked. One of my friends and I took quite a lot of photos of everything, including the ducks and the water fountains because… why not?

I actually wanted to write only two posts but I guess this is (again) turning out to be quite long so… Wait for Part 3.

A good friend of mine stayed with me for the last six days, that’s why I still haven’t uploaded this part 🙂

See you soon ❤


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