How-the-hell-does-an-oyster-card-work, tube strike, the wrong hostel, the annoying asian girl in our room and the things that went perfectly fine.

Day 1: Travelling & Arriving

For me it was the first time in a plane and I was surprisingly okay with it. I enjoyed seeing the world from above and I wasn’t very scared. A little nervous, yes, but I felt okay. We (me and four friends including my best friend) arrived in London Victoria and used the Tube for the first time. My best friend stuck her Oyster card into the entrance-thing which is definitely not how you use it and we had to get help. It was very very funny. Now we definitely know how to get into the Underground. We went to Earl’s Court because we thought our hostel was there. Turns out we actually booked for the hostel (of the same company/organisation) near Great Portland Street. So we carried our heavy suitcases half an hour more. We checked in, ate lunch, went to Tesco and bought cookies and chips and water (that’s basically the only thing we bought the whole week) and relaxed a bit. We already saw lot of London in this one day. I couldn’t sleep very well the first night because we had another person in our room and she left so early in the morning and packed all her stuff and I sleep very very lightly so I ALWAYS wake up. Wasn’t the last time this happened…

(hover over all the photos for occasional comments or explanations)

Day 2: Shakespeare, Dungeon, famous stuff

We already made a kind-of-plan when we want to see what and our first attraction to visit was Shakespeare’s Globe. We had such a funny guide who was so British and kind of adorable. I also bought Shakespeare-merchandise because… I wanted. We saw the Thames and then made our way to London Dungeon. We didn’t know at first it moved to near the London Eye so it took us quite a while to actually get there. But on the way we took a lot of photos of the Parliament and Big Ben. The wait before we could enter Dungeon was annoying but we made fun of it and had quite a good time. It wasn’t my favourite experience in London but definitely something I wanted to see. We also went to Baker Street for the second time because we didn’t realize at first that the Great Portland Street station is so much closer to our hostel…


It was the day of the tube strike. Which was annoying. The day before we had to travel home in an enormous rush hour because everyone wanted to be home before the strike started and on Thursday the traffic was hell. Thank god we just walked all the time… We went to Baker Street which was only 15 minutes on foot away. We went into the museum which was so detailed and really adorable. We bought merchandise and postcards in the shops on Marlybone Road and ate fish & chips chicken in “Holmes” (take the chicken nuggets, not the wings, they are incredibly spicy). We went back to the hostel, wrote postcards, read a bit and then made our way to Euston, took a train to Watford Junction (after someone pointed at me with my Hufflepuff-shirt, said “Harry Potter, plattform 9” and pointed at the train we had to get in. Amazing.) and took the Harry Potter shuttle bus to the Warner Bros Studios. We went in the building, went in the shop and died. Seriously, it was so much fangirling that my stomache hurt and I could barely walk. I felt more than overwhelmed. The tour was incredible. Just incredible. And so worth the money. I loved it so much and I took – no joke – 460 photos in there. I bought Butterbeer and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and much more. I loved it so much, you have no idea. I almost cried when I walked into Hogwarts’ Great Hall. We all were a mess afterwards and my camera probably wanted to kill me.

Okay, I already put too many photos in here so I’ll write about the other days in another post 🙂

See you soon ❤


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