I’ve known them for quite some time but I never really listened to all their albums or too more than just a few songs (although I’ve liked them from the start). Last week I’ve been listening to a few more songs and since I really enjoy them I thought I could share them here.

I think I first really discovered them through YouTube videos about my favourite TV shows. And that’s actually also how I got back to them last week.

I Gave You All – on my Spotify playlist this is the first song Mumford & Sons song I’ve listened to. I wish I knew where I found it but I definitely still like it.

Little Lion Man – oh yes, this is definitely the song I know best. I’ve listened to it quite often and it was stuck in my head for very very long. I also know that I watched a few fandom videos with this song in the background. It just fits to some fictional characters or couples. (Also, I always felt kind of rebellious singing “I really fucked it up this time” out loud ^^)

I Will Wait – I really like those quick songs. This is one of the few Mumford & Sons songs that doesn’t make me feel really sad, only a little bit. I don’t know why all of their songs have this effect on me but I always feel like punching someone or doing something really badass and then crying for an hour when I listen to their songs for a while.

Dust Bowl Dance – Wow, after listening to this song again I feel exactly like I described above. I really like this one. But make sure to listen to it somewhere in great quality, I don’t really like this video but was too lazy to find a better one. I also kind of want to dance right now for some reason. But scream at someone at the same time and make sure I get the recognition I deserve.

Home – this is calm and not one of my favourites but right now stuck in my head so I guess it fits on this list pretty well.

Hopeless Wanderer – Again not happy with the quality of the video but I so love this song. I’ve listened to it quite often the past week and it somehow really touched me. Maybe I’ll dedicate a blogpost to it but I’m not sure yet.

Snake Eyes – I don’t like it as much as the one before but almost. I love the beginning, this calm start and just generally the song is something I’d love to listen to on evenings like today when I’m writing this.

(This is the last day I’m at home for a while so everything in the next time will be queued – no idea how much that will actually be.)

Do you like them too? Which songs? Can you recommend me some?

See you soon ❤


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