Ant-Man Review – Spoilers!

I finally saw Ant-Man yesterday! Well, it’s not out very long but a lot of people have already seen it. I had a great evening with friends and I laughed a lot. I enjoyed the evening and the film a lot.

As I did with Avengers: Age of Ultron I’m gonna share all my thoughts about the movie with you. This will definitely not be spoiler-free so be careful. I won’t hold anything back and this will probably be way too long and full of fangirling.

Let’s start right at the beginning.

Peggy fucking Carter.

I mean, I knew she would appear but as an old-but-still-so-badass-lady and right in the first minute of the film? Woah. I was shocked and very delighted. I love Peggy so much and she was so great and of course not so long in the film but awwww yes Peggy! And Howard Stark was with her! I’ve always liked Howard, even if he’s kind of a jerk sometimes. I have to admit that I totally forgot he was in this scene too until I saw the end credits. I was so concentrated on Peggy and fangirling her… well. Also, I got used to seeing young Howard that I forget how he looked old.

The story of Ant-Man is full of cliches. You could often literally guess what would happen next. I don’t think that was too bad, but it didn’t make the film special (in that point). The I-lost-your-mother(-and-it’s-my-fault)-I-can’t-loose-you-too-story is one of those cliches. And of course Scott would do everything to protect his daughter. His Cassie is really adorable though. The I-was-your-protégé-and-now-I-steal-your-stuff-and-do-something-evil-story isn’t really better but of course it works for this film. I really didn’t like Darren Cross. Maybe he was a little bit too over the top but he suffered from the effects the particles had on him so maybe it’s okay. Not so much cliche was the lack of romantic stories. Which I enjoyed. Nothing forced, nothing I could argue about. That Hope and Scott would kiss in the end was predictably but I’m really okay with it.

You can’t deny how funny Ant-Man was. I laughed more than when I watched any of the other MCU films. Scott Lang is somemtimes awkward (“Did I ruin your moment?” – “Yes”), sometimes just hilarious (being scared of the ants and ruining Hank’s garden) or just everything we wish for (“Our first step should be calling the Avengers”). I really enjoyed him and Paul Rudd’s performance. He is definitely perfect for the character. The scene with Falcon was perfect. Scott can be really badass if he wants and he’s definitely proven himself there. I can’t wait to see him with some other Avengers!

I liked Evangeline Lilly as Hope too. She definitely deserves to get her own suit. We know that she will become the Wasp in future films, like her mother used to be, and her suit already looks kind of epic. I hope she can meet some of the Avengers too and prove to them how badass she is.

I loved the ants. When Anthony died I had a flashback to the scene in Battle of the Five Armies when Thranduil’s elk is dying. Why is it always the pets that kill me? Same with this cute baby lamb! Cross just shrunk and killed it! An innocent lamb! How could he? I love baby animals…

I’m not a big fan of ants but in this film I was. They used them for many of the funniest moments. For example when they formed a countdown in Scott’s prison cell. Or of course the accidentally enlarged ant that’s now Cassie’s “weird looking dog”.

This film was different from the Avenger’s films. The humour was more present and it was epic in a different way. The humour and the music kind of reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy for some reason. In Age of Ultron many people had to die and we needed explosions and big stuff and 10000 cars had to be crashed. Not so much in Ant-Man. So much happened in a tiny world, with tiny superheroes. So the colateral damage was not that big.

Much of the humour came from this tiny stuff. I mean, how seriously can you take a hero that rides on ants into the battle? Or that has a fight on Thomas the tank engine. That was one of my favorite scenes ever (It kind of reminded me of Toy Story). It was just so funny. And then this toy got big and destroyed the house. I DIED of laughter and so did the whole cinema. That’s what I call an epic fight. Equally hilarious and perfect was the scene when Scott and Darren fell out of the helicopter in this suitcase and battled in the suitcase. And Siri got confused and played some cool music and tiny laser beams shot through the air and candy flew around… I loved it.

What else? The effects were – as always – amazing. I loved the ants and all scenes with big and small characters but I especially loved the scene in the quantum realm. It looked so great and beautiful. And is it just me or were the colours the colours of the infinity stones? What a coincidence.

Of course I have to mention the post credits scene. I knew about it from tumblr but it kind of ripped my heart out anyway. Oh my poor Bucky… Finally we got to see him again. I’m really pumped for Captain America: Civil War.

Have you seen it? Do you like it?

See you soon ❤


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