We all are living in a dream,
But life ain’t what it seems
Oh everything’s a mess
And all these sorrows I have seen
They lead me to believe
That everything’s a mess

– Dream by Imagine Dragons

Here is a YouTube video of the song but it had to be changed because of copyright reasons. You can listen to the actual song on Spotify though.

Okay, I love this song so so much and I actually have no idea why I’ve never made a video about it. I instantly fell in love with it when I listened to Smoke + Mirrors for the first time. I love the whole album a lot, I love Imagine Dragons very much and this song is just really special. I hope it’s part of their tour and I can hear it live in October. I’ll probably tear up then but that is okay.

I love how calm the song is. And Dan Reynold’s voice is very beautiful. I know he suffers from depression and I know that some of the songs on this album deal with that. Lately I’ve been paying more attention and I think Dream is one of those songs.

Guess why I can relate to it so much.

And I’m short of the others dreams of being golden and on top
It’s not what you painted in my head
There’s so much there instead of all the colors that I saw

Life turned out so different than what I expected it to be. I saw colours and beautiful things. I saw myself being successfull. Right now it’s not looking like that. Maybe others expected this from me to. I’m sure some did. But now, my mental health decided to do something completely different.

We all are living in a dream,
But life ain’t what it seems
Oh everything’s a mess
And all these sorrows I have seen
They lead me to believe
That everything’s a mess

The refrain really hits me. Every time. I can sing and scream and cry along and get all my feelings out there. Because he is right. Life isn’t easy, not as easy as it seemed to be. There’s so much to be done, so much to organise, so much to take care of, so much that can happen and that is happening and that makes everything shit.

Sometimes “oh everything’s a mess” is the only thing I’m thinking. Well I’m in a really bad mood I can’t see anything good. I just see all the things I fucked up or life fucked up or other people fucked up. I see only how right now everything is a mess and I have no idea how to get it back in order.

These sorrows… my own sorrows, my friends’ sorrows, the sorrows of the whole suffering world…

But I wanna dream
I wanna dream
Leave me to dream

I want to dream. I want to think about the future and see the cool things that might happen. The interesting stuff. The stuff that makes me happy. But if I do that someone or something pulls me back into reality and tells me that maybe it won’t go that well and maybe it won’t happen at all. I hate that.

And the cries from the strangers out at night
They don’t keep us up at night
We have the curtains drawn and closed

I’m thinking of all the stories we don’t know. I’m thinking of all those people we don’t know that are suffering. And I’m especially thinking of the people that I know but I don’t know what’s going on with them.

Just yesterday afternoon (for me still today) I was crying and sobbing in my room and even lay on the floor because I just couldn’t deal with anything anymore. And my parents sat in the garden, not knowing what was happening to me.

We close our curtains and don’t let anyone in. Or at least not many.

I’m trying to end this with a positive message but it’s hard to find one. In the song at least.

I guess in the end you find out that no, actually not everything is a mess, but you have to remind yourself of that constantly. At least if you’re depressed. I hope I work it out at some point.

Right now I’m in this up-and-down mood. I’m feeling shit, then less shit, then shit again, then even shittier, then less. But no matter what happens, I’m not giving up on this world and me.

Do you feel something too when you listen to the song?

See you soon ❤


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