A week ago I went to Christopher Street Day in Munich. Here are some of the photos I took. I wanted to talk about who I liked it and how I felt with all the people there.

I think it was very interesting and a great experience and I definitely plan on going there again.

I went to CSD with one of my best friends, a friend from school, her best friends and friends of those or friends of friends of those or something like that. I think at some point we were like 15 people and no one knew everyone. It was sometimes weird but also really cool because even though we didn’t know each other we got along and we all had fun.

There was this one guy who wore a Mockingjay pin and I talked to him quite a lot and he was cool and such a fanboy. So that was nice. Actually all of them were really lovely.

We were a pretty diverse group. We had lesbians, gays, bisexuals, straight people and so on. That gave me more of a community-feeling than I ever expected it to be.

It was lovely and interesting to get to know these people I will probably never see again. But that didn’t matter, we just had a nice time. And I could spend time with friends which was great.

It was very hot on Saturday and I was really exhausted but it was worth it. We stood there for hours waiting for the parade / enjoying the parade and walked halfway accross Munich (well, it felt like that to be honest) but it was so cool.

I loved the parade. There are so many groups, organisations, parties that are passionate about LGBT+ rights and about the community. It showed me how diverse people are and how important it is to know about that. It showed me how open and welcoming this community is and how colourfull and happy it can be. It showed me how much fun we all can have.

And it showed me how much there still is to be done. There were many signs about marriage equality. I saw many banners with “Ehe für alle” written over it. It was great. And it showed me HOW passionate I am about this community. I could talk about LGBT+ and LGBT+ rights for hours.

I never felt so involved with this community before CSD and the days following. I told many people that I went there and I’m not shy about it. I told myself “Fuck it, you’re passionate. And with telling them all about it you can educate them and you can see who is homophobic/a prick/someone you should never talk to again”.

And I did educate people about it. I think that’s one of my goals. To be tolerant as fuck and to make other people tolerant or to make them care about this topic more.

I noticed that quite a lot of people say they accept everyone and they don’t have anything agains people being not straight but they don’t… DO something, they don’t really CARE. It kind of makes me angry and I want it to change.

Anyway, there were a lot of political parties participating, of course. It was really interesting to see what they SAY they care about and then you look into the policits and see… it’s still way too conservative. But they had nice stickers and buttons and flyers so there’s that.

I’m kind of a hoarder and I tried to get everything I could grab from their stands in the street. Here is what I collected:

That’s quite a lot I guess. But it’s cool. I was also dressed really colourfull and I thought I looked very pretty 🙂

It was a great experience and I definitely enjoyed the day. I felt very sick afterwards and so so exhausted but it was so worth it. Sometimes everything was confusing and I felt kind of uncomfortable in this big group of people but in generell it was okay. Maybe I didn’t have a full CSD experience, but I didn’t/couldn’t go to the parties and to the events the days before/after. I hope I can do that in the future and go to the parties when I’m 18, meet more people, see more and so on.

For my first Pride it was definitely enough and I loved it.

Have you been to a Pride? Did you like it? Or do you want to go?

See you soon ❤


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