Up – MondayMusicday

Today is just a tiny little post but I wanted to share this song.

I’ve been listening to Up a lot over the past two weeks. I heard it on the radio quite often but never knew which artist it is so after weeks I finally got a name and googled it.

For some reason this song really cheers me up. Well, after listening to it so often it doesn’t really have this effect on me anymore but still, it’s quite happy.

The song is from Olly Murs and Demi Lovato, you can listen to it here.

The lyrics are pretty happy and I like that.

You gotta hold on, hold on to what you’re feeling

This feeling is the best thing, the best thing, alright

That’s so true. If you have a great day, hold on to that. Maybe the day after is not as nice but you can always remember yesterday and remember how good you felt there. Remember the nice moments, smile.

Do what it takes to make things fly

This could mean “Do something that makes you happy. Make some choices you’re happy with. Do something you enjoy.”

See you soon ❤


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