I guess I really have problems with motivating myself to do things. Especially if I don’t like the stuff I have to do. I have that quite often. I don’t want to do homework or study for school for example.

There are also these things I don’t want to do because of my social anxiety. Or, when I feel depressed, I just want to sit there all day and don’t do anything at all.

But of course stuff has to be done…

I have watched many TedTalks and interesting YouTube videos during the last week. I kind of stumbled upon their blogs and followed them and through that I have found some very inspiring people.

They have some messages that are worth sharing.

First I want to mention this video from the YouTube channel How to Adult. (I have been watching most of their videos lately. I think they really help and make you feel better about now knowing how to adult, how to do things.)

“How to Do ALL THE THINGS” is a video from Hank Green. I really like Hank! He’s intelligent and interesting and the stuff he’s doing is pretty cool. I like this video he made a lot too.

He basically says you just have to do little things, take it step by step. But also don’t overthink it. Overthinking is shit and can make you panic. Just use your brain, decide WHAT do do and DO THE THING.

Another message from Hank: DON’T FREAK OUT.

Okay, I do that a lot. And then I get an anxiety attack or just sit there feeling shit and even more shit because I have to get things done but just can’t. But he’s so so right. Jump in the water and do it and it gets done and that’s it.

I have to remember that for myself. I tend to overthink everything but I know it’s really not good for me. It just makes me feel even worse.

Hank mentions his mantra “I must not fear. Fear is the mindkiller” That’s, well, pretty accurate I guess.

Shia LaBeouf also has a great message concerning this topic.


(Try to enjoy the thing you’re doing too. That makes things easier.)

Sometimes it’s good to just relax and procrastinate though. Sometimes you just have to do nothing and relax. I tend to do this for way too long but I also know that it’s good for my (mental) health to do things I really enjoy, to get my mind together, to have fun or just feel a little happy for a while. The world won’t end because you did this one thing half an hour later. I’m sure.

From this really interesting and great TedTalk by Glennon Doyle Melton I just want to give you this quote:

“Just show up, even if you’re scared. Do the next right thing, even if you’re shaking”

That’s a mantra I could use.

This is some advice to me but maybe also to you 🙂

See you soon ❤


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