Don’t fake it till you make it

Fake it till you become it

I saw this amazing TedTalk yesterday. I was really moved by how emotional she got in the end. Her past must have been tough and it’s great how she could grow. And she’s giving a great speech, really.

Her thoughts are interesting and I hope I can remember it.

Fake it till you become it.

She made it.

She overcame her fear and all the things that pulled her down.

She is giving now speeches in front of so many people. And years ago she was so scared of talking in front of 20! That’s remarkable.

I think it really helps to pretend sometimes. I pretend to. I pretend to be happy, I pretend to be better able to talk to people, I pretend to be someone who’s able to really handle things. And it does work sometimes. Because I’ve always survived those situations. And I can grow on it. I CAN phone people at work. I CAN go to someone I’ve never talked to. I CAN ask for help. If I pretend I’m less anxious. Then it works.

I hope at some point I really become less anxious.

She says that tiny tweaks lead us to big changes and I really hope it does.

Sometimes it helps so much to just tell you once “you can do it” and then you do it and you DID something and it was totally fine.

At some point this will help you to change yourself, to feel better, to be more confident.

I think I’ll try this tactic she talks of.

Try to get your testosterone up for two minutes, try power posing, get your self confidence up.

And then do the thing (job interview or other scary thing) and show them who you are.

I think it’ll help.

Not just to get the job or the other thing you wanted from this situation but also to help yourself. To beat your anxiety.

To fake it till you become it.

I really like this. I hope it does work for me too.

See you soon ❤


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