Body image

Lately I’ve had some conversations about this topic. I know that a lot of people are unhappy with how they look. So many want to be thinner or think they have to look a certain way, they have to do this and that to… fit in? … be happy with themselves?

Hm. Those conversations have all been very frustrating for me. I have a view about my body and how everyone should think about themselves that is really positive and self-accepting.

So why can’t everybody else think the same?

Frankly, I don’t know. And that’s why I feel like I can’t understand so many people I talk to. This is especially frustrating when I talk to close friends of mine. I want them to be happy about themselves too!

I think you don’t have to be thin, you don’t have to shave if you don’t want to, you don’t have to be super fit, you don’t have to have perfect skin or wear this and that.

Put on clothes that you are happy with


eat if you want to, do sports if you want to, but be happy with your body and stay healthy.

Those are my main focuses. I don’t care if I my make up is not perfect or if my hair is not perfect. I don’t care if my clothes are very stylish or if someone can see how fat my stomach is. I don’t care if I’m wearing a short dress in the summer without tights and everyone can see my not so thin thighs and the hairs I did not completely get rid of because shaving often bores and annoys me.

I don’t care what “society expects of me”. They don’t expect anything if I don’t believe they do. I believe in myself. And I want to be self-confident. I want to be happy with myself. I’m not happy with myself in so many ways but I am at least happy with my looks. I think I’m pretty sometimes. And I love to look into the mirror and think “yeah, today you look really fine”. This boosts your self-confidence and it’s such a nice feeling.

I wish everyone else could do this too.

But they can’t. I have friends who can’t show their legs because they think they are so ugly. They think people will notice every hair, every flaw on their body. Hell, some people think birthmarks are ugly! Jesus, why? You all look great. Seriously, everyone is beautiful. You don’t have to look like a model. Why should you? Maybe you are not thin, but so what? You don’t have to be. What does it matter? Nothing. You only have to be healthy. Take care of your body, but don’t feel bad about eating chocolate or not doing any exercise!

Eat what you want and do sports if you want but don’t hurt youself. Of course exercise is healthy and everything but… I think you can survive with only biking a bit or whatever. Because I do.

I don’t have time or energy for doing exercise or dancing again or something like that. So I don’t. I walk around a lot and I have to bike everywhere and that’s it. And I think it’s very okay.

I like to eat. I like candy and sweat stuff and cake and chocolate and popcorn and BBQ. So I eat those things. And I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t think “oh god, now you’ve gained another kilo”. I think “oh, this tasted great, I love it”.

I have no idea how much weigh. I do that like once a year or so. Because I don’t really care. I know that I’m healthy or otherwise my body would show me that I’m not. And that’s everything I have to know.

I like to wear nice clothes and I like to put make up on because I enjoy it and because it makes me feel pretty. That’s okay. But you don’t have to have a “bikini body” or loose 10 kilos to fit in this one dress. Nah. If you put a bikini on you have a bikini body. If you put a dress on you have the right form for it.

End of story.

Eating disorders are such a big problem nowadays. And I think it’s horrible. DON’T FUCKING STARVE YOURSELF! IT’S SO BAD FOR YOU BODY! YOU SHOULD BE SO HAPPY WITH HOW YOU LOOK BECAUSE EVERYONE OUT THERE IS FUCKING GORGEOUS! I know sometimes everyone things they’re not beautiful. I had those feelings too, especially when I was bullied in 6th grade. I gained a lot of weigh and I never really lost it but I don’t care anymore. Not really. I also know that eating disorders are fucking horrible so please stop before you get into this. And if you already have one, please get help and let someone tell you you are enough. You are so enough. Enough and beautiful and radiant. Especially if you love yourself a little more.

You are all beautiful goddesses or gods or something in between/different. Be happy with every roll of fat you have. Be happy with your wrinkels and birthmarks and knees and weird-shaped toes. Be happy with your weird nose (like mine) or your big ears. Be happy that you are alive. Don’t do something to yourself because you THINK you have to look different. No. You have to enjoy yourself and that’s it. Others don’t have to enjoy you. They should but if they don’t, fuck ’em.

You’re not too fat, too thin, too ugly, too un-feminine, too un-manly for anyone.

Please take care of yourself.

And just be happy.

There are so many things you have to take care of in your life. Your health is so much important than how exactly you look. Also your mental health. Don’t make yourself stressed and worn out because of your looks.

See you soon ❤


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