Favourite Alexander Rybak songs – MondayMusicday

I’ve been listening to him most of the time during the last week or two weeks. I don’t know why but it happened.

I found so many covers and songs he did.

And he’s such a cutie.

He has always been one of my favourite Eurovision artists ever.

And I didn’t even watch Eurovision in 2009. But no matter if you’re interested in Eurovision or not, he deserves to be checked out by you.

Europe’s Skies

It’s so happy and great and makes me want to travel right now!


Who doesn’t love this song though?

500 Miles

I love this song. I always associate it with Doctor Who and his version is great too.

Those are all covers he did, all or almost all of them for a Norwegian TV show called HGVM. I love all of them a lot and they show how great he is. And how fucking adorable.

Kan eg gjørr någe med det

Your Song

Always A Woman



Lucky One

Do you like him too? Which of his songs do you like?

See you soon ❤


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