I only watch Eurovision since 2010, but I thought I could still make a little ranking or whatever.

I actually wanted to write this on the Sunday after the contest but that went horribly wrong. And right now I just feel like writing so… yeah… here you go.

I still remember sitting on the couch with my Mom and not being quite sure what exactly is going on there and how the rules are. I don’t know why I didn’t watch Eurovision before 2010 because my Mom watches it since… forever. Anyway. I think 2010 was a great year and for me an amaing year to start watching the ESC. Germany won which is really cool because I’m German and in my first ESC we won! Woo! Generally the songs in this year were really good, there’s a lot I still remember and like to listen to. Here is a recap of all the songs in the final 2010, one of my favourites (besides Lena) is Safura with Drip Drop (I actually listened to this song at least 30 times in the last 2 weeks… I still like it a lot). I also loved the idea with the people from every country who cheer and all that. And Glow as interval act was cool too. I always liked Lena and I was so happy that she brought the ESC to Germany after so many years!

2011 was not a bad year either! This was the first time I watched the Contest with one of my best friends and had a lot of fun. Here is a recap of the 2011 final songs. The contest was in Germany, wooo! That was pretty exciting for me. I liked Stefan and the other’s as hosts – at least back then, I’m not sure what I think right now – and I enjoyed the show a lot. (I didn’t watch the semi finals in 2011 I think). I instantly fell in love with Eric Saade… like, a lot. After the ESC I kind of stalked him and listened to all of his music… now that’s really embarassing… I don’t like him or his music anymore. He seem so arrogant. But back then he was one of my favourites. Of all years I watched this is the one where I didn’t like the winner much.

2012 was the year I really got into it. Like, I looked at all the artists months before, read articles about them, got informed. I watched the semi finals for the first time and I felt really involved. Nothing compared to how it is now but still… I loved the design of 2012 and I was really happy with how it looked and all that but in retrospect I love other years way more in this aspect. The hosts were not bad but… hm… But the stadium looked so beautiful in the colours of the different countrie’s flags! Here is a recap of the final’s songs. Song-wise I didn’t think it was such a great year. There were some good songs but overall the year wasn’t very great. I liked Loreen but for me she wasn’t really a winner and I got kind of bored of the song after a while. I loved Iceland in this year though – okay, I almost always love Iceland, oh and Turkey and Italy.

2013 I got even more involved. I finally found more friends to talk about Eurovision. In my very beloved forum. We wrote literally three-Word-page-long posts about it, almost every day, for months. Those were times… My friends both had their big Eurovision crushes in that year I guess, not me though. I loved some, but not as much as…, I don’t know, Eric Saade and Måns Zelmerlöw. 2013 was the year of Alcohol is Free and maltesian doctors! At the time I didn’t like both of those songs soooo much but now… quite a lot more. I loved Petra Mede as host! She did a great job and we saw Eric Saade again too! The postcards were so adorable! There was our dupstep vampire and Germany failed badly… well deserved though. I was very happy with Emilie winning, I liked her a lot and I still love her song. I will not include Italy here just for the sake that my friend Rose is pissed at me. I don’t get it why everybody loves it…

2014 was special because I got tumblr now. So I was even more involved. Seriously, over these few years I got so obsessed with Eurovision… it got worse and worse… I loved Sebalter, a lot, last year, such a cutie. And I was so happy that Austria won! My neighbours! I was vey proud! Queen Conchita still rules over Europe I guess. The postcards are hard to top. Such amazing ideas! I love all of them, especially Norway and Switzerland and oh, actually all of them. Norway, Sweden and Armenia were my favourites last year. I didn’t like Greece much but now I think it’s kind of catchy… my taste in music changes very quickly. I really liked 2014, maybe more than 2013, and I know a lot of people do not agree with that. Well, I don’t care really. I really liked the hosts too! And the stage was so amazing. How they used it, especially during the opening, was so stunning. For me it was a great year.

2015… well, about this year I told you so much in my recaps of semi final 1, semi final 2 and the final, I don’t think I should say something again.

It’s really hard for me to rank those years but I’m gonna try, okay?

  1. 2015
  2. 2014
  3. 2010
  4. 2013
  5. 2011
  6. 2012

No, I’m not at all happy with this. But I don’t really know how to rank. After how much I liked the songs? The shows in general? How much I enjoyed the whole experience with social media and all that? It’s so difficult. But at least I tried and therefore no one should criticize me (of course you can).

What was your favourite Eurovision year?

See you soon ❤


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