Guess what this blogpost is about?



And mostly…

My sexuality!


Yes, I’ve got something like that. And I think it’s time that I get my thoughts together and write about it.

So, over the past two years I’ve been so confronted with everything concerning sexualities and gender types and so many things I didn’t know about that I think it’s finally the time to talk about. What did I learn about myself through the internet? How did it maybe affect me?

A while ago I didn’t really care about my sexuality. It was just… there. But I guess I noticed a change, or I realized that I relate to many people out there. Two years ago I didn’t even know other sexualities than hetero and homo existet. But then the internet happened. Now I know a lot about it. I read about it, cared about this topic, talked with many people about their experiences.

I got involved.

Now I’m definitely a big LGBT+ supporter (I thought about writing a longer form of this abbreviation but I always get it confused so I’ll just leave it like that). And I’m proud of it. I get what LGBT+ Pride is and I feel like a part of this community.

A few months ago I started thinking more about my own sexuality, what I feel about genders and the people I have crushes on. I realized, that I don’t really care which gender my partner (well, if I had one) has. Female or male, it doesn’t really matter, there are hot women and men out there. I won’t identify as pansexual though, mostly because I don’t really get the concept and also because, I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like it’s the thing I could connect with myself.

So, I’m sticking with bisexual.


Woooo. It’s out. I’m telling people about it.

Okay, I actually have been telling people about it for a while, two months or so, but I never really wrote it down. This feels like something serious. And it means for me that I can officially tell you, I’m sure about this, I know what I feel and I’m proud of it.

I always feel great when I discover something about myself. It’s always very interesting for me and it helps me to understand myself better and to really be happy with myself.

I never felt the need to come out to anyone and I still don’t think that I will ever do that. I’ll just mention it at some point to people or act like that and that’s it. For me my sexuality is not a very big deal. It is kind of important, yes, but not so much.

I know that a lot of people are confused with what they feel and maybe I’m still a bit like that but I guess at some point you’ll have an enlightenment and you’ll know it. I hope. It was like that for me.

I really want to write more about this topic but I don’t really know what (yet).

And I want to get more involved.

After watching the amazing film Pride I thought about going to a Gay Pride. Near my home are big Christopher Street Day celebrations in July and I really want to get involved with that. I hope that really happens!

Thanks for reading my thoughts. What do you think about this whole who-do-I-want-to-sleep-with-or-not thing?

See you soon ❤


4 thoughts on “Bi(Sexuality)

  1. Yay! Go you for being brave enough to write about something some people struggle talking about. I don’t really care for “labels”, you like who you like. It’s who you are. You can’t change it, it’s part of you DNA. I have two gay brothers, and have myself been with both sexes. I’m engaged to a man, but that doesn’t make me “straight”. I say f**k the tradition it must be “male – female” shit. Be who you are with who you want, and be proud! It’s the person we fall in love with not their gender. Xx love your blogs! Keep it up Hun xx

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  2. Well, that’s quite a thing to say on the Internet. I’m very happy that you’re content enough to write about it. And tell people. And of course I’m awfully happy that you’re okay with yourself! That’s the most important thing, right?

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    1. I don’t know, for me the internet is the only place I really write about everything.
      But yes, that’s important 🙂
      Thank you love 🙂


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