Måns’ new album Perfectly Damaged came out this week! I’ve been looking forward to listening to it because I want to hear more of Måns. I’m a fan of his type of music (at least his more recent stuff) and I really like what I heard.

So I thought, I could write a review and what I think while listening to the songs again and again.

The name:

Måns said in an interview (I wish I knew which one) that it’s called Perfectly Damaged because that applies to him and everyone on this world. We are perfect the way we are, with all out flaws and the mistakes we made. That’s a very beautiful message and I think we should all acknowledge it. Be happy with yourself and your flaws. You are perfect, beautiful, amazing.

Song for song review:

Stir It Up (x):

It’s catchy, something that might stuck in my head for a while, and it’s one of my favourites from this album.

“Stir it up, don’t wait around”

This makes me think of opportunities you should take, not wait, because then chances will pass. Do the stuff you think might go great, even when you’re scared of it. That’s something I should remember myself.

First song and already a positive message that applies to me. Well done Måns, well done.


Heroes (x):

Do I really have to say much about this song? I wrote a very detailed post about Heroes in Eurovision Week, you can read it here. It’s probably my favourite of this album because I still love it a lot.

And the message, to be positive about yourself, that you are a hero, that you are great, that’s so lovely. And the song is so damn catchy.


Someday (x):

The beginning reminds me of Heroes and Lovers on the sun and I love it. This style gets me so hooked all the time.

It’s a pretty good song, the melody, the style, everything. The text is, well, about love and that’s just nothing with a big message that I’d find especially interesting.

Still, I really like it.


Live While We’re Alive (x):

Ohhhh, I love this one. It’s so happy and makes me sing along. Like, really, I love to listen to it and just fling my arms around. It makes my mood go lighter and calmer and that’s great.

“We will sing out our lungs until the air runs out / Be the beautiful ones under the pale moonlight”

Doesn’t that sound like a summer-y, happy song? Oh yes, it does. And I love that.


Let It Burn (x):

I like this one too (who knew?)!

It’s good and has the message that you should just do the stuff you want to do. Don’t let other people keep you from your dreams. You have to see yourself if it works out or not.


Should’ve Gone Home (x):

This one is a little calmer and less party-y. Something I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio but not one of my favourites.

I can relate to the lyrics though, sometimes I wish I had gone home (or stayed at home) too.


Fade Away (x):

“I’m frightened of the ocean but still I’m setting sails

[…] I’m gonna go my way”

This song has again I message I relate too. Even if you’re scared, do the stuff you want to do. Go your way.

I’m trying to do that too I guess.


Hearts Collide (x):

A slower song, with emotions and love, love, love. I love to hum along to it. Here you can really hear his voice, hear how soft he can sing. I quite like it. And there’s a violin somewhere in there, am I right?


The Core Of You (x):

“I’m tired of wishing, all of the dreaming, will I ever win?

Doesn’t matter.

All of these battles, must be for something, what does it mean?”

Wow, same. I can feel those lyrics. Also, the style of this song is something I really enjoy listening to. I guess this is a song about going on, continuing, fighting. Again, pretty positive. And who doesn’t love positive songs?


Unbreakable (x):

As with all of Måns’ songs, I like to sing along to it and this one is kind of dance-y.

I do like it but not as much as some of the others.


Kingdom In The Sky (x):

This is one of my favourites I think.

“Demons cry but I can’t hear them”

Hey, another really positive one. Again it’s about your dreams, if you happy, don’t let it be taken away by others. Ignore those voices, or the demons in your head. Defend your happiness.


What’s In Your Eyes (x):

This one’s a duet with Tilde Vinther. It’s calm and slow and really beautiful.

It’s different from most of the other songs on this album. I love how their voices harmonize. It’s just a really good song.

Definitely one of my favourites.


General opinion:

I really like this whole album. There is not one song I don’t like at all. It’s full of positivity and catchy, happy songs. And Måns’ great voice. I like this style a lot and I’m sure I’ll listen to all of those songs a lot.

General rating: 4.5/5

(Sorry that this review is so long but I really couldn’t help myself)

Have you listened to Perfectly Damaged too? Do you like it?

See you soon ❤


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