Post two of the challenge! Have fun!

Day 7: Best costume change

Spain, definitely. I kind of envy her for this cool dress. And before that she looks like Red Riding Hood.

Day 8: Best revamp of the year

I really have no idea.

Day 9: Best use of pyrotechnics

I think I have to say Australia. I know it was very difficult for the guys who work with the pyrotechnics to make those lamps explode. And it was kind of impressive.

Day 10: A song that makes you dance

Israel, always.

nadav .

When I heard it first I immediately thought I have to dance and jump around and that stayed through the whole contest. I really like it because it makes me smile and dance.

Day 11: An entry you prefer the live version over the studio version

Well, almost every single one. But mostly definitely Måns. I always listened to the live version from Melodifestivalen and when I first listened to the studio version I really didn’t like it. Now I like that version too but not as much as the live version. He has a good voice and he can sing great live.


Day 12: An entry you prefer the studio version over the live version

Mazedonia, sadly. I really liked the studio version and the beautiful video. Then I heard him live for the first time and was really disappointed. That’s why he fell a lot in my ranking.

What would your answers be?

See you soon ❤


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