My fandoms: BBC Sherlock

Another TV show I’m obsessed with, here you go

I started watching Sherlock almost two years ago. I remember my best friend coming over once a week and we watched one episode or maybe two and afterwards we went on YouTube and watched fan videos about it.

Those were nice times.

We also discovered a bunch of amazing video makers during that time, for example Katrin Depp. I love her videos (about Sherlock, Doctor Who and more) a lot.

Some questions and answers about BBC Sherlock:

How did I like it?

I kind of fell in love with it I guess. I loved the stories, the plots, Sherlock’s brilliance. I loved the chemistry between the characters and how you can ship so many people so easily. Also, the cinematography is terrific. The whole show looks very beautiful, I really love the style.


Favourite episode?

I think I have to say A Scandal In Belgravia. I just love Irene Adler a lot. She brought Sherlock and John out of concept, she flirts with everyone, is sexy and powerfull. I also love the interactions between Sherlock and Mycroft a lot in this episode.

And the plot was very interesting. Not a big thing, not so much related to Moriarty, but very interesting and complicated.


I love the first episode a lot too. It’s so cute how John and Sherlock are together and everything is so… innocent.

Season 3 is pretty great too. I know a lot of people don’t like it or not as much as the first two seasons and it’s true, season 3 is different, kind of. But I still like it a lot and some of those scenes are just goddamn hilarious.


Favourite character?

Uh, well… I have literally no idea. I love all of them!

Sherlock and his brilliance. He’s often weird and doesn’t know how to properly act around people and I can somehow relate to that.

John and his loyality, his bravery, his I-have-no-fucking-clue-what-is-going-on.

Molly and Mrs Hudson are also great. They are always around, helping their friends, being there for them.

Lestrade and his constantly-being-annoyed-by-the-fucking-idiot-Sherlock-Holmes. He’s so cool.

Mycroft who clearly loves his brother (and vice versa) but wouldn’t show it for the world.

I know that I don’t like Anderson and Moriarty (but I kind of have a soft spot for them too I think) but I could never choose.


General opinion:

I love it. It has it’s flaws, especially concerning season 3 a lot of people were not happy with Steven Moffat and the stuff he wrote, concerning female characters etc, and I partially agree with that.

But I love it, no matter what. It’s a great TV show, it looks awesome, has great characters and so much more.

So, how much do I love Sherlock?

For a long time I really really loved it, it was with Doctor Who my favourite fandom of all time. Now other fandoms and TV Shows moved (sadly?) in its place, but I still like it a lot. I’m just not as obsessed as I used to be about it. That’s not a bad thing I think.

Maybe I would be more into it if the seasons would arrive faster ^^


(PS: None of these gifs are mine. I found them somewhere on tumblr, as always.)

Do you know and like Sherlock too?

See you soon ❤


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