I mentioned in some other blogposts that I started learning Swedish.

I have always wanted to learn more languages and not just those everyone can learn in school like French or Spanish. I wanted to learn something special. And I’ve always been very interested in Scandinavia. I love those countries, they are very beautiful and there are lots of good things to say about their culture and economy and so on. And those languages… oh… so beautiful.

I guess I really got into contact with those languages through the Eurovision Song Contest. (I’m sorry if it slowly gets on your nerves that I’m always talking about it but… that’s how it is, I can’t help it) Many of the Icelandic songs are in Icelandic and that language is, woah, so beautiful. I’m fascinated by it and I know quite a lot about Iceland. I really want to go there once in my life.

But recently Swedish (and Sweden) is my obsession. As I said, I’ve always been interested in these countries and languages but then March happened.

In the middle of March Melodifestivaln, a very big Swedish music show, took place. The winner of Melfest takes part in the Song Contest of that year. I thought, why not watch it, even if I don’t understand a word. I really didn’t understand much (some words I could guess which I think is pretty cool ^^) but it got me interested in the language.

And a little while afterwards I started learning Swedish on this website called duolingo. I had used duolingo before to do some French exercises because I studied French for four years in school but not anymore and I wanted to keep my knowledge. In winter I used it quite a lot but then I suddenly stopped. So on this one weekend full or procrastinating I look which other languages I can learn on duolingo and I saw Swedish and thought, why now. So I started.

On duolingo you translate sentences and listen to them and through that you learn the words and basic grammar. I think it’s pretty cool and an easy way to learn something.

The curse is structured in subjects and each of those has 2 to 9 (or something like that) short lessons. Each might take you maybe 5 to 10 minutes so you can learn in between stuff. You can also set an alarm so that you get a mail if you missed to do some exercises this day.

Here some photos of how it looks like:

Now I’m already (I think that’s pretty good – for me) in level 7 and I think I learned a lot. Mostly words, not so much grammar, but a) that will come b) vocabulary is more important in the beginning I guess.

I don’t only learn Swedish through duolingo though. Last weekend I started to find Swedish YouTube videos. Basically just songs Måns Zelmerlöw sang on this big Swedish festival-thing called Allsång på Skansen. The music is actually totally not my thing but I love Måns and … okay, maybe the music is a little bit my thing because it’s just relaxing and you can sing along pretty well. IF you know the lyrics. But most of those videos have the lyrics on screen because that’s what this festival is about. There are literally hundreds of videos from Allsång på Skansen and I have watched… many of those.

It helps me a lot because like this I can hear how Swedish is actually pronounced, I learn many more words, I can guess what the songs are about with the knowledge I have and with the words I can guess and I can look at Måns’ face a lot which is also pretty nice.

I can actually sing along to some of those songs (x, x and some more plus this which is not from the festival but also amazing) which probably says a lot about how often I watched them.

Then I found out that Måns spoke Flynn Rider in the Swedish version of Tangled, called Trassel. That means I watched one hour of this film last weekend and understood… well, more than I expected but still like one word a minute. Anyway, it was really cool. You can watch the film here.

Yesterday I listened to a little bit of Swedish radio which is fun because I understand literally nothing but I can guess what they are talking about.

And also this week I found Clara Henry. She is a Swedish YouTuber – the only one I know in fact – and made this hilarious, amazing video with – guess what – Måns that I’ve watched like 25 times already and can probably speak along. Her videos are usually in Swedish but with English subtitles and THAT IS SO COOL. I really like her and her videos, she’s funny and nice, and I again learn more words and get used to the sound of Swedish and the pronounciation. I love it.

As you can see, I’m slightly obsessed with Swedish right now and I think that’s not a bad thing. Okay, it keeps me from doing the stuff I should actually be doing right now but… well… That’s me.

I really hope I can learn more and be able to understand more and more songs/texts/etc. Hopefully I can go to Sweden soon because I really like the country and now I know A LOT about it.

Has someone Swedish found this blogpost? Or someone who’s also learning this language or another cool language? Say hi! 🙂

See you soon ❤


4 thoughts on “Learning Swedish

    1. Well, I’m not such a big fan of Grace so it actually doesn’t surprise me. And I know, I’ve watched it.


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