And again, all my thoughts from the show. Have fun! 🙂

Oh god, why didn’t I start this earlier? It’s right now exactly 3:26 in the morning. I have to get up in like 4 hours (or maybe 5) but I really want to write this tonight.

Tonight was a rollercoaster of emotions. It was so much worse than every Eurovision and the semi finals before. Seriously.

At around 7pm I got really nervous because I knew it would start soon and I looked forward to it for so long so I didn’t know if it could life up to my expectations and all that.

I liveblogged more than ever on Twitter and in between and afterwards I also went on tumblr and looked what the people there write. It was really fun to write with good friends all the time and it was so cool to see literally everyone I follow on Twitter livebloging Eurovision! There were only a few confused Americans but who cares about them.

Thankfully we also had a lot of food, otherwise I wouldn’t have survived that night. I was so excited and stressed and I loved and hated so much.

The opening ceremony and the interval acts very really cool. The Austrians made a lot of effort and you could totally see that. Very interesting stuff and good music. Conchita performing was of course so amazing! I really looked forward to that! I love her a lot and I was so happy to see her performing! Her songs are just great!

Still not quite happy with the hosts though. Again, they weren’t very funny or anything.

Also it was pretty annoying that so much went wrong with the signal and sometimes you just noticed that something else should have happened in that moment and something went wrong. But that’s probably just bad luck.

I was very happy with the performances. My favourites all performed so great and I like so many of the entries, that’s great! I was so happy for all of them and you could see that they all enjoyed themselves a lot! They made the best out of their performances even if I would hear some week tones here and there… that happens. I hope that didn’t change the results that much.

I wish I could go to Eurovision too. Maybe I will in a few years… let’s see… I love the atmosphere there and all those people partying and waving their flags, wearing country-realted stuff. It looks like so much fun and I bet I could meet so many people there who are as geeky as I am!

I even voted five times tonight! I really don’t vote much, that was never my thing but this time I had so many favourites (look at my ranking^^) and I wanted all of them to go far! Some of them did, some of them didn’t at all…

I got really anxious about the voting because I just didn’t know what to expect! Would one of my favourites win? But who? And would I be happy in the end? What would happen with Germany (oh god, please let’s not talk about that)? Would my friends be happy too?

Well. Let’s say half of my friends are happy, the other ones are sitting crying in the corner. I’m happy too.

BECAUSE MANS ZELMERLĂ–W WON FOR SWEDEN! He always was my number one in the ranking and I really liked him, from the beginning until now. I thought me COULD win but I wasn’t sure because there were so many good songs this year. I also really loved so many and I actually wanted Belgium to win more because Sweden won so recently. But then the results came in…

Soon it was clear it would be decided between Italy, Sweden and Russia. Right in the beginning I knew that I didn’t want Russia to win. I like the song and I like Polina but for me it’s not a winning song, it’s not good enough. Also, I can’t imagine the Eurovision community to travel to Russia… there’s so much not good stuff going on in that country and I don’t really want Eurovision to take place there. So I actually got really scared when Russia led for such a long time. But then Mans took over! And he won with quite a lead!

I was so happy I think I even cried a bit. I definitely know my arms were shaking and I could have screamed. I loved Mans and his song from the beginning. It stuck with me and I thought about it a lot. On Monday I wrote this long blog post about it so I won’t explain again WHY I love it but I just really do. And Mans seems to be a really nice guy. He’s cute, often smiling, charming, behaves so nice to everyone. He supports schools in Africa, he’s LGBT+ supportive. And he’s a great singer. So what do you want more? For me it was enough to slightly fall in love with him.

So I’m definitely happy with the winner.

Not so much with everyone else though. I think some songs are better than Russia’s so I’d love to see them on better places. Italy could have been on place two. And Norway and Israel and Estonia didn’t get as much points as I would have liked.

But the voting was really weird because there were more songs with over a hundred points and the left side of the board looked just… very very empty… and two last places with 0 points… poor Austria and Germany, at least we go down hand in hand *sigh*

I definitely enjoyed the evening/night a lot. After the contest I went straight to social media and looked into everything. It was great fun and even though I’m not happy with everything I enjoyed the show and I think the Austrians did a great job.

Congratulations to a truly beautiful evening in Vienna. Congratulations to Mans Zelmerlöw for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, I think he deserves it. Contratulations to all the other artists too who put so much effort in their performances. Some of them would’ve deserved more in my eyes but well, I can’t change that anymore.

My general feeling is very very happy right now! And I’m of course sad that the contest is now over… I had such a good time looking forward to it and now I have to find something else that can keep me happy.

Hope my English didn’t get too bad now. It’s exactly 4am now and I really should go to bed.

To say it with our host’s words:

Good night Europe and good morning Australia.

What did you think? And are you as sad as I am that this year’s Eurovision is now over? *cries a little in the corner*

See you soon ❤


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