What I wish from tonight:

– One of my Top 10 entries win. I don’t even know exactly who I’m rooting for. My favourite song and artist is definitely Mans, but Sweden won so recently so I don’t really want him to win… But then again I’m thinking I’m such a bad fan. I think I want Belgium to win most. Loic is such a nice person and so lovely and his entry is one of my absolute favourites with Sweden and Norway so… why not? He truly deserves it! So please Loic, I’m betting on you.

– Generally a good voting. I want my favourites to go far, okay? All of them. I already lost some in the semi finals so I at least want the rest to impress Europe and show how amazing they all are. I want Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia to get really good places because these are my favourites. I want Germany to be not TOO bad because it’s my home country and I care about us. Ann Sophie is a really nice girl and she does deserve some points.

– I want a good show. I’m not quite happy with the hosts so far. Of course Conchita is great, she is lovely as always and just generally such a nice person, but I’m not so happy with Alice, Miriam and Arabella. They are not very funny or anything and I would wish that to change. But maybe Austrians just don’t have a very good humor, who knows… (I should, in fact ^^)

FUN! I’ve been looking forward to Eurovision (like, really) since Eastern and it made me so happy during the last weeks. I really enjoyed the semi finals and I want to enjoy the final too and have fun. I want to liveblog a lot, talk to my friends about it, be on Twitter and tumblr and see what people think and spend a nice evening with my parents.

– Enough food to eat my nervousness away (I need to take care of that)

Drama and glitter. I want Eurovision to be fun and interesting and cool, I want it to stay in my memory for a long time. It’s supposed to be epic and I hope the show tonight can live up to that. What we saw from the rehershals looked great and I hope it can all live up to my expectations.

No hate. Not on Mans for whatever reason people can find, no hate on Russia for being Russia, no hate on Australia for being not in Europe.  Be nice, people. And if you aren’t, just relax, listen to Verka Serduchka and then you don’t need your hate anymore. Thank you.

What about you, what do you want and expect from the show?

See you soon ❤


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