Soooo, here is everything I thought of during tonight’s show. 🙂

Well well well, tonight’s show was more nerve-wracking for me than the semi final on Tuesday! WAY more nerve-wracking! Many of my favourites were in this semi final and in general more songs I really wanted to have in the final. It didn’t really work out that well.

Okay, no one from my top 10 didn’t make it to the final, but I really wanted the Czech Republic to qualify, so cute artists, so funny, so great voices and I liked Iceland and Ireland a lot too.

But well, I’ll post a ranking for the final tomorrow, quite a lot has changed now.

I think it’s nice that they talk to some of the already qualified artists, this time the cute boys from Italy, Ann Sophie from my country, Germany, Electro Velvet (+ Ukulele for some reason) from the UK and the Makemakes from Austria.

Sometimes I think it’s too much that they are always saying “Europe (and Australia) do this or that” but hey, it’s just this once. And I still love it that Australia takes part in Eurovision this year.

It was again incredible to see the stage. Wow. The colours they can create and these beautiful landscapes or whatever the artist used during thei performance… wow. I especially noticed it during Mans’ performance. You can see a difference of quality between the stage of the Melodiefestivalen and Vienna, definitely. It’s awesome. They had great ideas for what to do with the stage and the performances. But sometimes I wished for something more exciting, more playing with the camera, more fireworksor whatever.

Really… interesting… were the background dancers though. Have you seen Azerbaijan’s or Israel’s? Oh dear. Very interesting dance moves… For both entries it worked with the song and everything but I didn’t like the dances very much.

I love these lovely postcards! Very cute ideas! They really thought of something and that’s really cool! I would love to do some of those activities too! And you see so much of Austria, that’s great. I really like the country and there’s so much of it I haven’t seen (yet).

My favourites made it to the final

But I’m very happy that Israel made it to the final, the song made me so happy and I want to dance every time I listen to it.

Elnur didn’t forget his text, which was very good. I liked his performance a lot too. And Mans’ and Morland & Debrah’s! Thankfully all of them made it to the final and I can be mostly happy now.

This looking back in time-thing is pretty cool too! Very interesting facts about Eurovision and Austria I didn’t know. The voting bloopers very really funny, I’d love to see more of those. And of course they choose our poor girl Lena who made a mistake a few years ago. I still like her though ^^

What else? Oh, the fans. I love to see all those flags of so many different countries and all the people supporting their countries and favourite artists. That’s lovely to see! They are all as obsessed with Eurovision as I am and it really feels like a family. I notice that on my social networks. I look into the “Eurovision” tumblr tag every day and also on Twitter and I liveblog on Twitter and it’s so nice to see all those people who obsess together with you and write with you.

Oh, and yesterday the official Twitter account of the Melodiefestivaln favorised two of my tweets! I’m feeling so fame, you have no idea.

I would like to say so much more but I think my English is getting really bad now, I don’t even know why, it’s probably because I’ve been tired literally all day so I guess I should stop.

How did you like it? Was this semi final better than the first?

See you soon ❤


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