Without further ado all the thoughts I had during tonight’s first semi final!

(I’m literally writing this half asleep sorry, but I so want to upload this tonight)

I anticipated this Eurovision for so long. I was so happy that Austria won last year and I got really into everything, watched ALL the YouTube videos, read all the articles, I know many facts and so on. I’ve never been so active in this fandom before. And now it’s finally here!

My friend Manu came over and we watched the semi final with my parents. It was really nice to sit there with them and my ranking, my phone and my laptop. I looked on Twitter all the time to see what’s going on and I liveblogged a little bit. Sadly not on tumblr too but what’s too much is too much.

I expected a lot from the Austrians and I was excited to see what they had planned. I live literally 30 minutes away from the Austrian border so I really feel conected with this country and the people.

I think they made a great show, everything looked AWESOME. Too see the stage live was so mindblowing, it looked even better than on all the photos and videos. These white things that came down from the ceiling, wow! Beautiful!

The staging of all the acts looked beautiful, sometimes of course pretty weird and sometimes even less fitting to the song. Like the Macedonian entry. I was pretty sad about that. I really liked Macedonia, but Daniel isn’t as good live as I hoped he would be and the staging and his outfit and especially his weird background singers didn’t fit together. So it was to expect that he wouldn’t make it to the final and he didn’t 😦 Belarus also didn’t make it to the final, sadly. I really like this entry too and it’s definitely this years earworm for me. (“Time is like thunder, Ahahhhh” I will never get it out of my mind).

Back to the shows in general. I loved the postcards. What a lovely idea! And the artists all really seemed to have fun and the ORF really thought of something interesting! The hosts seemed to be nice (could have been funnier though) and it was great to see four women on stage and in the greenroom all the time! I love it that Conchita is hosting the greenroom! She’s so nice and special. I really respect her and everything she is doing. And she looked STUNNING tonight!

I’m glad they interviewed Loic! He’s one of my absolute favourites this contest and I’m fangirling him and Mans all the time.

And we even saw Guy Sebastian on stage! Wooo! And everyone is always saying “Europe (and Australia)…” and it’s awesome. I’m so excited for Australia to be in this contest! I hope they get a good place on Saturday!

So, how happy am I with the finalists?


How COULD THEY announce Belgium as the last one? WHY?! I almost had a great attack and I was so shocked and then relieved, oh god, such a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m so glad Belgium made it but it would have really surprised me if he hadn’t made it. His song is great and he’s a really creative guy and his entry is something special.

Estonia made it too, very happy about that too. One of my favourites this year. I like Elina and Stig and their song is beautiful. Thankfully they made it too.

Macedonia and Belarus didn’t make it, I’m sad about that, and also Denmark – also a bit sad about that but they are not in my Top 10 – and Moldova – THANK GOD, I hated that song so much -, the Netherlands – yeah, I didn’t really want it in the final and Finnland. Maybe it’s sad for Finnland, yes, but I don’t like the song and… I don’t know, I didn’t really want or expect them to be in the final.

The voting had some surprised for me, for example Armenia and Greece and Georgia. I don’t hate those songs but I don’t like them that much and/or didn’t expect them to be liked by so many other people.

So, in overall I really enjoyed tonight. It was fun and I’m so excited that Eurovision is FINALLY happening.

I maybe expect some more DRAMA in the show. Like, more funny stuff and all that.

But Vienna and the ORF seems to be doing everything right, everything looks amazing and I’m really happy.

I may not be 100% happy with the finalists, but I think I’m at least 75% happy, so I’ll survive it 🙂

So, now I’m going to bed, bye bye 🙂

How did you like it? What do you think about Austria as the host and the entries and the voting?

See you soon ❤


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