“We are the heroes of our time

But we’re dancing with the demons in our mind”

Heroes by Mans Zelmerlöw (x)

Okay okay, this song is my favourite of this year’s Eurovision, so it was only a matter of time until I talk about it here properly.

I really like Måns, as a person and as a musician and I hope he gets very far on Saturday! (I’m of course sure he’ll make it to the final!)

And I really like the song. The lyrics, the melody, it’s stuck in my head, it’s my type of music and I love the story behind it.

Måns wrote about his childhood. He was bullied in school and lost most of his friends but then this one guy came along who became friends with him and then everything started to get better and he found friends again.

I think it’s a lovely story and they transformed this so well to the stage. I hope the staging for the song contest is as beautiful as for the Melodiefestivalen. As I write this I haven’t seen the rehearsals yet, so I have to wait and see. I’m definitely excited.

But now let’s talk about this quote.

I think you can interpret these lines in many different ways. Måns’ story is great and interesting, but when I listen to this song I think of something else. Let me explain that to you.

We are the heroes of our time because we are young now and we can change stuff. We can get great jobs and change the world and live and do so much with our life. We have so much great potential.

But we often don’t take it. Not because of money or it’s just not possible for us (I mean, it is, but that’s not the point here) but because we have these demons in our minds that don’t let us. Like depression or anxiety or other mental illnesses. But it doesn’t even have to be an illness. Maybe we’re just too scared to do something or worry too much. We’re often just not brave enough to do what we could do, to do what could bring us further in this world.

We’re fighting – dancing – with those demons, but they are still there and keep us from doing what we want or maybe should do.

That’s how it is.

And it’s kind of sad.

But I can’t say to you “go out there, take your chances, do stuff, make the best out of your life” because I’m struggling with demons too.

I’m scared of so many things and I worry too much. I struggle with anxiety and I’m feeling often pretty depressed lately.

That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on anything, but it’s hard to try new stuff and get going, learning more, trying something I’ve never done before, if you’re just too scared and tired of everything.

I’m dancing with my demons, I’m fighting with them. And maybe slowly I can defeat them and be the hero I want to be.

To be a hero doesn’t mean – at least for me – to do something GREAT, that changes the world and saves thousands of people, but it means to do something that makes myself happy and that I can live with. I want to make something good out of my life and I want to use the time I have well.

I hope I can do that and I hope my demons will let me become the hero I want and need to be.

What do you think about this song?

Also, Eurovision week is upon us! My blog will be dedicated to Eurovision this week and you won’t find anything else here until maybe next week Monday. I’m sorry in advance.

See you soon ❤


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