Pitch Perfect 2 Review (Spoilers)

I went to see this film on Thursday with my two best friends. I had a great evening, exactly what I needed at that point and we all three enjoyed the film a lot. So let me tell you why.

I really loved the first Pitch Perfect film. I saw it quite often and I listened to the songs all the time and I might have been slightly obsessed with it (and Jesse, aww). Later I of course found some flaws I can’t unsee anymore and maybe I don’t like it as much as I used to but I still think it’s a great film and I like to watch it.

So I had some expectations for the sequel, especially after seeing the trailers. I wasn’t happy with everything I saw in the trailers but I didn’t notice that too much in the film.

The music was AMAZING. Really, I loved all of the performances.

Pitch Perfect 2 has way more different groups and performances than the first film and that’s pretty cool. I really like the sound of Das Sound Machine, wow! I was and still am very annoyed by the over-the-top German accent because I’m German and it’s just too clichee and no one really talks like that (and definitely no one sings like that). But then, this film was full of clichees, like the first one. They do this intentionally and they do it over the top but it’s supposed to be like that I guess. Sometimes it works and it makes the film funnier and more interesting and a few times I didn’t really like it.

Anyway, back to the music.

Das Sound Machine was amazig. Both the car show performance and the champtionship performance were absolutely stunning. They were so in sync and it was just mindblowing what they did. Also, they choose Light ’em up for the championship! Fall Out Boy, woooo! I was so excited!

The Riff Off with all these different groups was pretty cool. They used many songs I really like and it was better than the Riff Off in the first film.

The medley from the champtionship where they showed you all these different groups was amazing. I was so happy to see Pentatonix, because I really like these guys and their music but the other groups were so interesting too. I kind of wish we had seen more of them but the film was so full of characters and groups, it would have been too much.

We also saw way less of the Treblemakers in this film but for the same reason, it would have been too much. And we had them loads in the first film, so it’s okay. I’m so happy though that Jesse and Beca are still together 🙂

The sound of the Bellas was really cool! I liked every one of their performances. It was again clichee but then also cool to see how they struggle with graduating and how they have to find back together. Their mash up for the champtionship is great, I’m listening to it a lot. It’s pretty similar to their last performance from the first film (okay, except the Flashlight-part) but that’s good because continuity and that is their sound. It was a twist that they used Flashligth and the old Bellas but I really liked that! It sounds great! Well done, I like the idea 🙂

The plot is maybe not the best and sometimes pretty similar to the first film and it has some plot holes and all that but it’s not a serious film. The film doesn’t take it self serious, definitely not, and I think you can’t expect it to be perfect, right?

The music is what’s important, acapella is important, and they did that great. I was happy with most of what I saw. The humor was sometimes over the top and annoying, but that was okay too, because I did laugh a lot and had fun watching it. And that’s important for me. The characters were also cool, they all played there part and were important to the plot.

So, overall I was really satisfied with this film and I would watch it again in the cinema. I’ll definitely listen to the soundtrack a few more times now.

What did you think?

See you soon ❤


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