Yesterday I shared with you some of my favourite acapella artists and songs and here are even more of them!

Have fun 🙂


Okay, he’s kind of different because it’s (mostly) not normal songs he’s doing, but I absolutely love his videos. All of them. I think I know most of them by heart.

I found him just before he uploaded his great Disney After Ever After and since then I really like everything he’s doing.

I love how he talks about very critical social things in his songs, just listen to the Progressive Christmas Carols. I think I yelled “BURN” 20 times when I listened to it for the first time.

He hasn’t uploaded very many videos so you can easily watch all of them today, but here are my favourites:

Disney After Ever After – as I already said, Harry Potter in 99 seconds, Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds, After Ever After Part 2 and the Boy Band Parody with Peter Hollens.


I don’t know as much about them as about other groups I obsess about because I don’t really have the time for that anymore. But I know they have to be cool guys because they even have a blog, yay.

They are really really talented, holy shit. I don’t even remember how I found them, probably through the Voice Festival UK and the tweets I read about that. They won the festival so yes, I’m conviced they are amazing.

They made this totally stunning medley of No Church in the Wild by Jay-Z and Kanye West and the Game of Thrones theme, they called it Watch the Thrones and I could listen to it all day it’s so WOAH (the opinion of a true professional here…).

Here is they set with which they won the Voice Festival, all of these songs are very great. My favourites are also their arrangement of Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack, I Write Sins Not Tragedies and I’ll Make A Man Out of You.

The Sons of Pitches

For them it’s actually the exact same as for Semi-Toned. I don’t know them for very long and I didn’t have the time to watch hundreds of videos and find everything about them, but I definitely know that they are very good.

They won some stuff too and holy shit, their songs are really great.

My favourites are:

Club Megamix (a medley of a looot of songs, I really love that one), Uptown Funk, Bang Bang and their Happy Medley.

Who is your favourite?

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Acapella Part 2

  1. Semi-Toned.. Those stupidly talented guys with an awesome music taste. Ugh. I almost love all of their song choices.
    I get that you don’t listen to female a capella artists?


    1. Yes, me too.
      I actually only know very few. And/or I’ve only listened to like three of there songs and that’s not enough for me to really LIKE them. Hm.


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