I have been listening to acapella artists for years now but for a few months now I found so many more bands I like and I thought, why not share them with you.

So here you go.

Peter Hollens

He’s probably the person that brought me to acapella first. I think the first of his songs I listened to was his cover of the Game of Thrones theme with Lindsey Stirling which isn’t even acapella really because Lindsey plays the violin. Anyway, I really loved it and I looked him up and listened to more of his covers and original songs.

My favourites are:

Misty Mountains, Wicked Medley with Nick Pitera, I See Fire, Into The West and The Rains of Castamere (I guess you can see my fandoms here),

I think it’s really special what he can do with his voice and I really love his covers. He’s “only” one guy but he creates these beautiful arrangements, it’s stunning. Also, I think he’s a really nice person 🙂

(I don’t really know much about music and how all that works so I’m just an ordinary person talking about how much I like stuff)


I’ve known them for a very long time too and they are very talented. I love how their voices fit together and their covers are just amazing.

I went to their concert in Munich a few weeks ago and it was awesome. Hearing acapella and what astounding things they can do with their voices live was mindblowing. And they all seem soooo nice, they said “we love you” all the time! 🙂

My favourite songs of them are:

Evolution of Music (seriously, how awesome is that, Radioactive with Lindsey Stirling (again), Evolution of Beyoncé (who doesn’t love everything concerning Queen B?), Daft Punk Medley and Say Something.

Two of the members, Mitch and Scott, also have a vlog channel and they make some covers two which I really like, for example a medley of Taylor Swift’s album 1989 and one of Beyoncé’s last album.

Out of the Blue Oxford

Okay, I was/am kind of obsessed with them. I found their amazing and hilarious cover of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie through tumblr and watched probably every single video of them that exists. I really like their covers and through them I met two friends over the internet and I really got into acapella. So thank you very much guys.

I think it’s pretty cool that they’re doing so much for acapella even though they’re studying at Oxford! Also, a lot of their money goes to charity, yay!

So, here are my favourite videos:

Lady Marmalade (seriously, it’s fabulous), I Wanna Dance With Somebody, All I Want For Christmas, Colder Weather, Wake me up before you go go (it always makes me smile), the Musical Comedy Skit (very funny), Dancing Queen (it never leaves my head), Proud Mary and Uptown Funk.

Like with Pentatonix, two of their members – Jack and Joel – have their own YouTube channel and make covers. I really like Uptown Funk, Bang Bang and their Ed Sheeran medley.

This is it, I have to make a Part 2, it’s getting way too long here, sorry. Many more amazing artists to come!

Do you know and like acapella too?

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Acapella ❤

  1. I get the feeling I’m the only one still listening to them constantly ^^ Might be because you have a lot of esc stuff going on atm, right? Still, I love them. Oh, and by THEM I mean ootb. Duh.


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