My fandoms: Doctor Who

I thought I could talk a little more about my fandoms and what I like about them and why. Immediately I knew I would start with Doctor Who. I started watching Doctor Who on 20 May 2013 (yes, I keep track of these things), so almost two years ago. For a second I thought about posting this post then, but I can’t wait and that week is Eurovision-week so you probably won’t hear anything about any other fandoms during this time. Sorry.


Some questions and answers:

How did I like it?

Short answer: A LOT. Really, I have so many emotions when it comes to Doctor Who and I could probably talk about it for hours. It was the fandom that I found all by myself, no one brought me to watch it but I convinced so many of my friends to watch it afterwards. Doctor Who made me get a tumblr account and I really like tumblr, so I’m happyy about that. And Doctor Who is just such a good show! Of course it has many flaws and I’m definitely not happy with everything, but I really love to watch it and I enjoy fangirling about it a lot.


(I love the TARDIS btw, that’s why you’ll find gifs/photos of her on all my social media a lot. She’s an amazing character on herself and I’d love to know more of her story. I have a little TARDIS standing on my desk and I painted her and… yeah, she’s really cool and special and her relationship with the Doctor is so interesting)

What’s your favourite episode?

I have many episodes I like and then there are the SPECIAL episodes I just love unconditionally.

I think my Top 5 Episodes are: Vincent and the Doctor (my heart but it’s so beautiful), The Christmas Invasion (my ship <3), Doomsday (it kills me, but I love it), Journey’s End (all my lovelies together), The 50th Anniversary Special, The End of Time, Blink, Midnight (scary but great), The Doctor Dances (so funny and happy!) and I notice now that these are way more than 5 episodes. Who cares.


Favourite Doctor?

Okay, this is really hard. I really love all of them, all the actors are so great and they really know what they are doing and they all know so much about their characters and are big fans but I think my heart goes with Ten. He’s just… special. I don’t know why, but I really fell in love with him. His relationship with Rose is so special and the chemistry between those two is great and adorable and ohhhh my heart. Ten gets dark sometimes and that sometimes gets scary but it’s so interesting. His end is not nice but a very good storyline, really. I love his seasons more than Eleven’s and Twelve’s – even though I love these doctors too – and I think also more than Nine’s season, because, yes, it was all so cute and simple back then and I love Nine and Rose and Mickey and Jack (especially Jack), but the effects and the monsters… and season 2 is maybe my favourite season of them all.


Favourite companion?

This is again very hard. But after answering these questions quite often I definitely know that Rose is and will probably forever stay my favourite companion. She’s strong and fierce and had such an ordinary life but did so great and she’s always so adorable and I just want to protect her and see her happy in love with her Doctor. She’s just a great person and so positive and I’m so glad she’s happy in the parallel universe now 🙂

I also love Donna a lot. She’s so sassy and funny and her relationship with the Doctor is just the best. I was so sad when he had to wipe her memory 😦 That really killed me. My poor heart. And poor Donna. She deserves better, she always has!

And of course I have to mention Jack. Captain Jack Harkness who is so awesome and sassy and flirts with the whole universe. Thankfully he got his own show even though Torchwood was sadly cancelled after four seasons. I really liked that too. There will always be a place in my heart for Jack, who had to suffer so much and who has to die so many times. Poor boy.


General opinion:

As you may have notices almost everything I talked about took place in the Russel T Davies era. That’s probably the case because I do like RTD’s era more and I have something against Moffat… Not only because of Doctor Who but I’m also not entirely happy with what he does with Sherlock. Anyway, I don’t want to discuss this in full. He made things I’m not happy with and I don’t like seasons 5 to 8 as much as the first four. But I did like them. I like everything that has to do with Doctor Who.

The soundtrack is also amazing and the effects and the editing and most of the storyline is really really great. It’s a great show and so many people put a lot of effort in it. I think Doctor Who is one of my main fandoms, because I know so much about it and I love to inform myself about more and about all the little facts. I care a lot about this show and I hope it stays good because it really should, it’s so important to me.

Oh, and it’s so inspiring. I have a lot of quotes from Doctor Who that I love and many scenes are really powerful and enlightning.


I love to watch Doctor Who with friends and fangirl with them because then it’s all even cuter and just so awesome. Ahhhh, I could fangirl about it the whole time, I really have to stop myself right now.

(PS: none of the gifs in this post belong to me, I got them from somewhere I don’t remember – well, tumblr. The big photo is from John Smith’s amazing video about ten years of New Who, go watch it)

Do you watch Doctor Who too? How much do you like it?

See you soon ❤


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