Learning new stuff and why I love and hate it so much

Last week I told you in this post about what I’m learning at work and how that makes me feel. Today – which is actually what I wanted to write in this last post but as I wrote the topic kind of changed – I want to write about what else I’m learning or would like to learn.

What I’m learning now:

Besides everything I learn in school and work right now there’s not that much I think. I’m not sure actually.

I definitely know I don’t only learn English in school but everytime I’m on tumblr or twitter or write in English with friends or watch a TV show or read a book. I think you can learn so much through that and I know that I don’t have my quite big vocabulary from my lessons in school…

I’m learning Swedish, as I said last week. I really like it and I hope I can continue with it.

I learn how to get out of my comfort zone and do stuff, write mails, talk to people, help with a project, say more in class. Afterwards I feel really good about myself. Yesterday was one of those days where I really got along with the people I met and really felt good about writing 15 mails to collegues and people outside of my company / generally comunicating.

I’m constantly learning things about myself. Good and bad stuff. Sometimes I psycho-analyse myself and I should probably not do that but I do… and sometimes it helps because I just KNOW MORE.

I’m generally learning so much about the world. About different cultures, about our society, about people all over the world and what happens to them, good or bad. I learn about history and what might happen in the future. I’m staying informed about stuff and I know a lot about social (un)equality and things like that.

Fandoms. This is not really “learning” but “knowing” I guess. I know a lot about the stuff I like – and about the stuff I don’t like too sometimes. I know the news and I’m up to date with everything and my knowledge about my TV shows and books and films and other stuff is pretty big.

I’m slowly learning to accept myself and other people and their views more. It doesn’t always work but sometimes it does.

What I wish to learn right now:

– How to cope with working and having less time for myself

– How to talk to people and get over social anxiety

– How to move on from things that happened

– How not to be jealous of people that had other opportunities than I had and took them or whatever. I want to stop being angry at people who did stuff I would like to do/have done too. It’s not helping and I’m just getting more and more upset.

– How to be nice to everyone and don’t insult them or say something they understand in a bad way. I’m sorry for that but it happens all the time.

– How to drive. I actually started my driving lessons on Monday but I wish I could drive already. It’ll take me long and it’ll be annoying and I’ll freak out.

– How to freak out less about every little thing that goes wrong and how to cry less

– How to get to know people NOT over the internet but just generally around me. People I really like and that become my friends, not just acquaintances

What I’d love to learn at some point:

– How to be happy more often

– How to be sure about everything about myself, not just my looks.

– As I already said: more languages, especially Spanish and Swedish and Norwegian and Finnish and Icelandic and Russian and so many more

– I want to speak English perfectly

– How to write again. The only thing I’m writing now is this blog. And I hate that because I really enjoyed writing but I can’t… I have this fanfiction planned, really cool stuff, but I just can’t write it… I really hate that.

– How to use Photoshop, make GIFs, how to edit videos

– How to cook, I literally can’t do anything in the kitchen

– What job I want to have in the future and learn how to do this thing I want to do for a long time

There are of course many other things in all three sections but I really can’t remember everything. Maybe I can cross something of that list in the future. I hope so.

There’s so much in this world that I’m interested in. And I’d love to learn everything. But of course I can’t. This actually freaks me out a little and I’m often pretty ridiculous when I’m whining about all the stuff other people can do but I can’t. I’m sorry if you ever had to witness that but that’s how I am…

I want to make the best out of my life and I want to be really good at a lot of stuff. Right now I’m often feeling that the only thing I’m good at (positive things) is English and fandom related stuff. Awesome.

What about you? What would you like to know more of?

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Learning new stuff and why I love and hate it so much

  1. Wait, you’re starting to drive on monday? D: Oh god, I’m so late at it. Now I feel bad about me ^^
    I’d love to learn how to step out of my comfort zone in a daily basis, or at least enlarge it. It’s annoying to avoid so many things because I’m scared as heck. I’d also love to have a few more time to write, or ideas, or whatever. Trying to get creative here. (I know, I thought we’d agreed to never be creative again, but.. don’t agree, CRAFT!) (I’m getting a bit over the top with memes here.)


    1. Huh, what? You know I started on Monday with my theoretical lessons. But of course I won’t have the pracitcal lessons until after them (probably).
      I don’t know if I would like to do it if I wouldn’t work. But I just have to, because I have to get stuff done. I avoided phoning people today so much, because I’m really scared of that. Maybe that’ll change. But I wrote some more mails and I met a collegue I’ve never seen before and explained her stuff and she was nice and it just WORKED OUT. So I guess it’s working for me. Slowly, but it’s progress. But that also means that I’m more confronted with my fears which is not always good…
      Oh yes, I’d love to have more time too. But as you know, I don’t do much for school (in fact I should learn right now) but spend this time on the internet.
      I love to be creative and I don’t mind you memes at all^^


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