I love languages. Really. Some people might say I’m obsessed.

I’ve been learning English for 9.5 years now, that’s a pretty long time. And I like it. I love to learn a language, because it helps with so many things.

It started with understanding the lyrics of the songs that were played on the radio, later I could read books and watch films and TV shows in English and now I’m writing and talking in English a lot. It enables me to communicate with people from the other side of the planet! It allows me to meet so many amazing people from all over the world or understand their videos/writings/whatever. That’s great.

And it’s fun. For me it’s so much fun to write and speak in English and think about how all languages are connected.

I also learned French for four years in school and I enjoyed that too. Not always and the grammar really was a bitch, but in the end I was pretty good and I liked it a lot. I put a lot of effort in it and I’m now a bit scared that I might loose all my knowledge because I’m not using it anymore. But I’m trying to do some little exercises online, hopefully that works out.

I’ve always wanted to learn more languages. I’m interested in the structures and how similar some languages are, how you find German words in English and French and vice versa and the same goes to any other languages spoken in Europe, there are of course not as many similarities between every language, but there is always something. And that’s very interesting to discover.

Last year I tried to learn Quenya a bit – one of Tolkien’s Elvish languages. It was very interesting to see where he got the ideas from and which languages he used for inspiration – for example is the pronunciation very similar to Finnish as far as I know. I didn’t continue with it because I didn’t have any time and I realised that I could never remember everything and really use it anywhere but maybe I’ll try it again some time. It’s a beautiful language.

I’m still planning on learning more languages. Hopefully I have the time for that. I’m interested in Spanish and Italian and Russian and Finnish and Icelandic and some more. I hope I can learn at least one or two more in my life.

Last weekend I started learning Swedish! On duolingo, a website where you can learn some languages through translation. If you really want to learn something there you have to do exercises regularly and think about the stuff you’re doing, not just blindly translate, but it’s really cool and you can easily do half of a topic a day, it takes maybe 10 minutes.

I could tell you a lot about Swedish now and to which languages it is similar and how cool it is to finally learn a Scandinavian language! I find many German words in Swedish and also English ones. That of course has to do with the history of Europe and that’s SO INTERESTING. I love history. And languages. (I bet you have noticed that by now^^) And I think those two fit together perfectly.

I guess I’m pretty arrogant when I’m talking about languages and about learning them, because I think I’m pretty good at it. I don’t really know where that came from but I guess it happened last year when I had A’s in both English and French^^

I know that I’m good in English. I know a lot of vocabulary and I don’t make many mistakes, I find it easy to talk and write in English a lot and I can understand the books and films and TV shows I’m reading and watching. That’s really cool. And in November I started a special qualification for English. I have extra classes in professional school and I’m learning business English and how to write letters and translate. It’s not easy but interesting and more challenging then the normal English lessons I have in school. At work I have a lesson too and we’re mostly just talking and I love it. I do a lot to improve my English skills so I guess I can be a little arrogant?

And I think I can say that I’m the best student in my class (only in English though). I think that’s pretty cool and I’m proud of it 🙂

I hope I can find a job where I need languages a lot and where I can learn more. I’m just not sure which profession that will be.

What about you? Are you as obsessed as I am? Do you like to learn languages?

See you soon ❤


6 thoughts on “Languages

  1. I love languages too and I am so obsessed 😀 I currently study French and German, I speak Mandarin Chinese and I’m trying to learn Spanish from scratch 🙂 for uni I’m applying to do French and German and hopefully Spanish and Russian beginner too 🙂

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  2. Quena’s pronounciation is exactly like the one in Ancient Greek 🙂
    And I love languages, as well, maybe except Spanish ^^. I learned about 5 over the years, I think, and I never got bored. (Again, exclude Spanish.)


    1. Could be, yes. I don’t remember the lection on pronounciation^^ But there was a lot about Finnish in it
      I’m jealous that you even had the CHANCE to learn more than two languages, because I didn’t.


      1. I technically had the opportunity to learn another language in grade 8, but my school was a dick about that and didn’t grant us the class -.- I’m still mad about that tbh.


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